Mrs. Brellenthin's Class

December 2015 Newsletter

Math Minutes

We have been working hard in our measurement unit. We have been practicing how to measure to the 1/4 in with a ruler. We also discussed how to measure liquids and how to measure the weight of objects. The main idea we are trying to master is what is the best unit of measurement. For example if I'm measuring the height of a giraffe should I use inches or feet? Then we moved into telling time to the minute and finally elapsed time (how much time has passed in a situation. After break we will begin making different graphs and practice reading the graphs. As always, please continue to practice those multiplication facts!

Reading Time

In the month of December, we finished practicing how to find the main idea and supporting details of a story. Then, we moved into text features and how they help us read nonfiction. We looked at things like photographs, captions, graphs, tables, bold faced words and headings to name a few. The main thing we are working on is how do these features help us read nonfiction texts better. After break we will start reading folklore; fables, and folktales. By Christmas we should have met at least 70% of our AR reading goal. Please keep encouraging your student to read at least 20 minutes at home every night.

Social Studies News!

We have been learning about the Northeast Region. So far we have discussed what states are in this region, what is the geography like, what is the history of the region and also about the Erie Canal. Ask your student what whaling is and what people had to do to go whaling back in the 1800's!

Other News

When we come back to school in January we will have a character education day. This will give us a chance to review the expectations for behaviors in different settings around the school. There are many students in our class that are doing a great job of being respectful and responsible no matter what they are doing throughout the day. Keep it up!

As we all know we have had quite a warm winter so far!! If and when the snow starts to fall please remember to send hats, mittens, boots and snowpants to school with your child.

I hope that you have a great winter break!

Important dates to remember:

Winter Break Dec. 23-Jan. 3

Back to School Jan. 4

End of 2nd Quarter: January 15

Early Dismissal January 15