Vietnam and the Antiwar Movement

Leo Rocha and Sriya Reddy


Although Americans were fighting against communism and for the preservation of democracy, the antiwar movement depicted the consequences and unjust ideas the war followed, which ultimately had a positive impact on the war.



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Although communism was a threat to the American institution of democracy and used as the main reason to fight the Vietnam War, the United States was completely unrelated to the Vietnamese struggle and its involvement was unnecessary. The United States simply hijacked a cause and made it about themselves, advancing it for a selfish cause to prove that communism strips away the rights of people.

Stoned Love by The Supremes

Diana Ross & The Supremes

Stoned Love (7" Version) by Diana Ross & The Supremes

Stoned Love (1970) was a top ten hit single by The Supremes. The song argues that the Vietnam War destroys the interconnection of humanity and calls for both sides of the war to cease fire and make peace, showing how a side effect of the war was turmoil and disunity.