New Year's Traditions

Statistics of New Year's Traditions Across America

Do you stay up until midnight on New Years?

71.2% of Americans stay up until midnight on New Year's, but 97% of our 8th graders stay up on Dec. 31.

Do you celebrate New Year's on a day other than Dec31/Jan1?

8th Grade: Yes- 16%

No- 84%

Americans: Yes- 0.85%

No- 99.15%

Do you watch football on January 1st?

66% of 8th graders watch football on Jan 1.

In America, these football games received 15.6 million viewers on average.

With whom do you plan to spend New Year's Eve with?

46% of Americans spend New Year's Eve with their significant other.

As for our 8th grade class, 99% of students are with their friends and/or family.

Do you eat special food on New Years?

89% of 8th grade students at RQMS eat special foods. 11% do not.

In America,

45% eat black eyed peas,

75% eat collard greens, and

67% drink sparkling grape juice.