A Beautiful Voice

In The Beginning...

In 2007, I was on YouTube and an ad popped up for Justin Bieber, so I clicked on it.  I was listening to his music, he was okay, but then he sang "So Sick" by Ne Yo. I instantly fell in love, he was cute and he could sing.
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Making the Album

It was so inspiring listening to his new album Believe. He got a tattoo that said "Believe" the day his album came out.he conects so well with his fans. he put so much effort into this album. You can tell he has gone through some much work. He wrote a song called "Maria". It was about a girl she accused justin of having her baby. He denied it, he took a test to prove it. He writes a lot of love songs about Selena Gomez, like "Be alright".
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For his time off he goes to hospitals to give autographs and say hi to the cancer pitents and disabled kids. One time he flew out a fan that was 3 and her name was Avalanna, she had severe cancer. They became close friends and they planned a fake wedding. The day she died he asked for a day off just to sit in bed and cry. He wrote songs about her. He still will be sad till this day. She meant so much to justin, and she died the morning he was going to visit her.
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I am still a belieber. My goal someday is to meet him and say thank you. He made my life better through the bad. Now I know not to let anyone tell me wrong. And to belive and never say never. He is so inspiring, and because he can sing and he is SEXY!