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Get Ready for the Winter & Holidays with Our Naiades Spirit Wear

The time to stock up on your sportswear and sweats for the cold crisp winter days, the holidays and for working from home is now! We have some great holiday gifts for everyone!!! We will be offering our on line clothing store quarterly through our newsletters.

We are happy to present some exciting new customized changes and some limited offerings to our selections! For one, you will be able to color customize tee shirts for your particular type of cancer affiliation. All of our customized items can be found here: Orders for all of these items will need to be submitted by 12/03/2020. You can either choose to have the items shipped to you or picked up from the vendor.

We also have some limited supply offerings found here: Merchandise – NAIADES ONCOLOGY ROWING including some of our designed SURVIVOR OAR SUPPORTER TEEs to celebrate our loving supporters as well as survivors. For these limited offerings please email: Pick up can be at the boat house or further arranged.

On December 1st, ROC the Day with Your Continued Support of Naiades Oncology Rowing

What is ROC the Day you may ask??? ROC the Day is a 24-hour United Way sponsored online event happening this December 1st. It gives our community an opportunity to make a donation to the Not-for-Profit organizations doing great work in the Rochester region which matter the most to them. Naiades Oncology Rowing again will be a participating organization in this initiative. Please Spread the Word for us!!!

Without you support, we could not have come as far as we have and in making a difference in our participants lives. When December 1st rolls around, please consider making a philanthropic donation to ROC the Day on Naiades Oncology Rowing's behalf as a Stocking Stuffer! Further information regarding this imitative can be found here:

ROC The Day - Naiades Oncology Rowing, Inc.

Another Thoughtful Way to Make A Loving Tribute

You may also want to consider adding a loved ones name to our newest boat -- DRAGONFLY. We are accepting names of survivors or cancer victims for the side of the boat and the oars. New names will be added in the spring before DRAGONFLY hits the water again. Our application form with instruction is found here:

Open Board Seat

The Board of Directors for Naiades has one open Board seat for the Secretary of the Board. The Board is a hands-on group that guides the strategic direction and financial health of the organization. Maintaining professional diversity within the board is important.

Please send your note of interest to: with your questions and/or a statement describing your interest and qualifications. We appreciate the effort of our volunteer Board members and look forward to adding another volunteer to our Board. Thank you!

Transitioning Our Kayaks Off The Water

While we were unable to take our boats to the water, we were able to rally and obtain joy from the wonderful sport of kayaking during the summer and early fall months. We will continue with our cross training workouts on Tuesdays, Nov. 10th through Dec. 15th. This will be accomplished with Outdoor Walks/Circuit Training & Yoga Workouts via Zoom being the backup to frigid weather. Taking the cross training benefits of these sports, the overall goal is to assist you in being better a rower and improve your rowing performance. Our workout program, calendar and contact information can be found here:

Browse Our Naiades Oncology Rowing Website & Facebook Page for Current and Future Information!

Learning to row is hard work, yet a rewarding and FUN sport! Take a look at our info below:

Why Come Row with Us??? because we are about:

  • Offering programs that appeal to individuals with all levels of rowing experience.
  • Rowing with others who have faced the challenges of cancer.
  • Having coaches who understand the uniqueness of our team and coach to our mission/goals.
  • Your setting and accomplishing your own personal and team goals.
  • Promoting an amazing and healing environment, leaving cancer behind one stroke at a time.
  • Getting involved in Regattas as a fun way to work together to get to the finish line demonstrating progress in recovery.
  • Offering accommodations for many post-treatment limitations.
  • The water is magical, healing and enchanting, releasing your mind to a bigger purpose within nature.

So Please Come Join Us for our future events!

This Month's Quote to Live By:

From Matthew McConaughey's new book Greenlights:

"I never cared much for destinations. The idea of landing is too finite for my imagination and sense of song. Give me a direction and a sixteen-lane highway with room to swerve and explore along the way. Like jazz, I prefer to see life as a river."

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