Fashion Market Editor

Give the girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!

About Career


Some of the responsibilities include having an expert knowledge on fashion, having to traveling to designated cities, cultivating relationships with Designers, choosing the right clothes from designers collection for the story, and making arrangements for the delivery and return of garments.

Working hours can vary depending on where you are working at.

Work places include magazines, newspapers, online fashion blogs, etc.

Salaries can start from $38,000 up to $100,000


Usually a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism is good and some other fashion education like Design and Marketing.
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Skills Required

For this career you have to be creative, have a deep understanding to fashion, good social communication skills, and also well developed writing skills.

Job Outlook/Growth

For this career the Job Outlook is very hard to predict since it's changing all the time and sometimes growing very slow.

Advance Opportunties or Related Jobs

This career is usually related to Fashion Editor and Stylist, and can lead to one day becoming the editor-in-chief (head of the magazine).