Future Goals

By: Trizah Njoki

About Trizah 9/4/2013

Senior year... This is the year that we decide what we what to do and what college we want to go to. Since I was a kid, I knew that I wanted to do something with medicine. I knew that I loved helping other with problems. When I was in Kenya, I remember going to the hospital after my aunt had given birth and I just th ought that there has to be something better than this. Forward to my junior year... I was in HST II and we got to volunteer in Baylor Grapevine and that was when I knew that I was meant to be a nurse. It just felt right to be in the hospital and seeing the patients.

Cowboys Health Challenge: 9/10/2013

During my sophomore year, I was in Health Science Technology. I chose that class because I wanted to know what I wanted to be. I knew that I wanted to be in the medical profesion but I did not know if I wanted to be a either a: surgeon, doctor, nurse, pharmacist but I knew that I was meant to do something to improve someone's life. Ten during the last six weeks of school my HST teacher, Ms. Brinkman, told the class about a new opportunity to help a teacher get healthier. I immediately knew that I wanted to be a part of this challenge. The following day, Ms. Brinkman, choose the students who would lead the teacher and I was picked as the nutrition group leader. I learned a lot form the experience. Not only did the challenge help the teacher but it also helped me and my fellow group members.


Researching Diseases 9/11/2013

During my sophomore year, my Heath Science Technology teacher, Ms. Brinkman, asked us to reaserarch viral, bacterial and immunization diseases. Some diseases included: Anthrax, Malara,Tuberculosis, and Chicken Pox among other other deadly diseases. She asked us to get pictures from Google Image that shows how the diseases gets into the body and what the disease actually looks like. This reaserarch took me a back because I did not know that you can get these diseases from anything not just humans. It really opens my eyes to the different variety of diseases.


Sexual Transmitted Diseases 10/26/13

In Health Science Technology, my teacher had the class make a research portfolio. This portfolio was a long assignment that was never completed because the class moved on to nursing assignments. The portfolio was long project that we worked on indivually then we were suppose to present our final produce in forint of our class. It was ingesting finding information about the different types of STD's and the areas that have the most people with an infection.


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Résumé 10/29/13

During the end of the year, Ms. Brinkman asked the class to prepare professional résumé because she knew that a lot of her students wanted to go into the Health Science Technology II class. To get accepted into the program the class had to prepare a résumé and get ready for an interview with the director of the class, Mr. Pool. After making that résumé. I have used it résumé in finding the job I currently have now and in some of my class. That résumé has become very handy to me.

College Plans 12/30/13

Next year, I will be attending the University of Texas at Tyler and I am really excited. I was accepted into the college's nursing program, it is ranked 4th in all of Texas. To help with college I am currently taking Anatomy and Physiology and it is helping because I will definitely have to take the course and this is giving me the basis. After I become a BSN, I will go back to school and getting a master's in nursing. I will become a Nurse Practitioner. After I become a Nurse Practitioner, I hope that will work either a family doctor's office or a cardiologists office.

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After College Plans 1/4/14

After six years in college to get my Master's in Nursing, I think I will take a year or two off and work. I will be saving money so that I can be go back to school again. this time I will taking course probably at a community college so that I can lower the cost of medical school. My mom always tells me, that "we are never done with school" and from my plan I will not be done with school until I am 32. Between the 4 years in nursing school, 2 years of master's school and 8 years in medical school. I will exhausted. In the end, hopefully will work out.