The Blake Buzz

Week of May 16-20, 2016

We can do it!!!

Have a GREAT WEEK, everyone! Only 8 more days until your much-deserved Summer Break!

Playground Supervision and Safety

Staff: Please ensure that you are supervising students at all times when you take them out to play. There must be one adult for every classroom watching the students, and an adult must have the radio outside with them at all times. Last week, several students were covered in mud, requiring their clothes to be changed, and several students were injured from falling or roughhousing. Walking around while the teacher sits is never a good idea. A structured game, led by the teacher, is much safer. If you are sitting at the picnic tables, students must be in close proximity to the teacher, not by the fences, around the corner of the building, or far away in the paved area. Basically, they need to be where you can get to them quickly. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

The Phase 1 playground equipment is being installed today. Please talk to your students about playground safety rules and etiquette, taking turns on the new swings, not throwing mulch, and staying out the mud. The mulch will be laid this week, weather permitting, and students cannot play on the equipment until the mulch is in place. Thank you to the staff members who responded to Angel's request to help shovel and rake the mulch.

K-PREP Makeups

This week is set aside for those students who need to take makeup K-PREP tests. Please remind students to be quiet in the hallways, because they don't know where someone may be taking a test.

Feeder Cards

Kathy will be giving each team feeder cards this week, so that your PLCs can sort students into balanced, equitable classes for next year. Keep in mind that we will place students based on academic performance, learning style of the student, instructional needs, special services required, work habits, social interaction, academics, and class size. Final placement may change before school starts, if there are needs that are unforeseen needs.

Room Changes

A map listing the rooms that teachers are assigned will be distributed this week. If you are not changing rooms/grade levels please ensure that you follow the instructions on the end-of-year checklist as you close your room for the summer. Put away books and/or cover your bookcases, and clear walls so that they can be scrubbed.

Monday, May 16

  • Send copies of teacher/class newsletters or other correspondence to the office.
  • 4-5pm PBIS Committee meeting We will plan next steps for the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year.
  • Playground Phase 1 installation will take place.

Tuesday, May 17

  • SCHOOL CLOSED for Election Day!

Wednesday, May 18

  • 8:40-9am Okolona Public Library will be here to discuss Summer Reading Program in Gym/Cafeteria
  • 9:30am Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony practice in cafeteria
  • 4:30-6pm LG&E Engineering Club participants' Recognition & Family Night

Thursday, May 19

  • 9:15am/1:15pm Pre-K Closing Ceremonies in cafeteria
  • 4:15pm SBDM Meeting

Friday, May 20

  • 2pm Head Start Closing Ceremony in cafeteria

Monday, May 23

  • Field Day **Rain date will be Tuesday after K ceremony is over

Tuesday, May 24

  • 9:30am Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony practice in cafeteria
  • Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, May 25

  • 10am Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony in cafeteria
  • 5-8pm Marion Johnson's Retirement Dinner at Cardinal Hall of Fame Cafe

Thursday, May 26

  • Last Day for Students
  • 9:45am 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Friday, May 27

  • Last day for most staff!
  • 1pm Retirement Celebration in the library for Susan Elliott, Karen Lawhorn, and Debbie Pratt! Cake and punch will be provided by the Social Committee.