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New customers want to know what to expect

What Every Dispensary Website Should Have

Owning a cannabis dispensary can be exciting and incredibly lucrative. Unfortunately, the fact that this industry has only very recently been offered the legitimacy it needs to get off the ground means that it can also be a hassle, especially when it comes to marketing. Read on to find out what every dispensary website should have to draw in new audiences and turn them into loyal customers.

Strong Branding

The key to dispensary marketing is to create a strong brand both online and in the store. Choose color palettes, fonts, and logos carefully, since these visual cues will be used consistently throughout the dispensary's website and even on its products. The whole point of branding is to create a unified vision of a company and its products. So, in order to work, the company's message really has to be consistent.

A Menu

New customers want to know what to expect when they head to a cannabis dispensary. Whether they're current customers at a competing dispensary or they've never tried cannabis in their lives, the entire experience will be more enjoyable if they know what they can buy beforehand. Creating a menu also helps support business as usual by saving sales associates time since new customers will already know what they want.

A Blog

The medical and recreational marijuana industries are so new that they're still literally non-existent in many states due to ongoing prohibitions. The sale of marijuana products may be legal, but that doesn't mean all of the negative hype surrounding these products doesn't still exist. Starting a blog allows dispensary owners to dispel the negative mythology surrounding medical and recreational marijuana and to connect with their audiences by offering helpful information about this confusing field.

Easy Ways to Get Connected

Make sure to include contact information, including social media links, as well as the dispensary's address and phone number, on each page of the website so that it's easy for customers to get in touch with questions or comments. Dispensary owners should also set up an email list so that their customers can receive promotions and offer incentives for joining, such as product discounts.

Get Started Today

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