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Space Run

Set in outer space, the game involves collecting the stars while moving inbetween the worlds. Once the needed score has been achieved the game is won, but if your health reaches 0 you will lose the game.

Avoid being hit by flying saucers whilst also shooting them to reduce their health and gain more points.

The characters are space themed with flying saucers, stars to collect and a rover, which moves around on its own. There are two sections the Sun and the Earth.

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Coin Run

This game involves moving around to different worlds, collecting all the coins. A certain amount of points are earned with each coin collected. Once enough points have been scored in the first world your character, a motorcycle, will be transported to the second world. It is within this world the game can be completed and won.

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Monday, April 22nd 2013 at 12am

Whitley Bay, United Kingdom

Whitley Bay, England