Whats inside a computer 7B



CPU- Central Processing Unit is like the brain of the computer, it is the most important part of the computer.


CPU Fan- Central Processing Unit fan is a cooler that cools down the computer before the computer over heats.


RAM- Random Access Memory is where the computer stores the current task that is being given out.


Northbridge- The Northbridge is a chip that connects the CPU to the memory.


Southbridge- The Southbridge is the

Audio Jacks

Audio Jacks- IS a cable that is used to connect to devices together because it has identical ends, it looks like this:


AGP Slot-The Accelerated Graphics Port shortened also know as AGP is a high-speed point-to-point channel for attaching a video card to a computer system.

PCI slot

PCI slot - IS a standard for joining computers with their computer mouse or keyboard.

PCI-E slot

PCI-E slot -IS a high speed computer extension designed to replace the older PCI and AGP Models.

CMOS battery

CMOS battery- keeps time date hard disc and other settings in the CMOS memory. CMOS batteries are very small. They are attached directly onto the motherboard.

SATA port

SATA port- IS a faster version of the ATA. Its job is to transfer data from the hard disk to the motherboard.

IDE connector

IDE connector -is a thing for connecting the motherboard to storage devices like DVD and CD-ROM.

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