In the ice age Russia was connected to Alaska by a land bridge so that in the 18000s-48000s b.c. .so that the first people in Alaska could get there. In 1880 gold was found in Alaska's capitol which is Juneau. In 1912 the u.s.a.made Alaska u.s.a. territory but it wasn't until 1959 they made it the 49th state. To help get around in the snowy winter season they invented snow shoes and made parkas.


Did you know Alaska has more then 1,800 islands. Alaska covers more then 591,000 sq miles Alaska also has the most coast line in the states. I'm gessing alot of that comes from the yukon river which is the third largest river in the u.s. Alaska also has the highest point in north america which is on mount mckinley.
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Survival in the Wilds of Alaska!


For fun, Alaskans like to fish, hunt and log. Some of the many visitors that go to Alaska like to walk around the national parks, visit the Russian bishops house and the Alaska State Museum where they can learn about the state's mining, fishing, and logging history. If you are there in the winter season there are very many outdoor activities to do.
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Fun Facts

Did you know... that Alaska is called the Great State. It's also called the land of the Midnight Sun. Mushing is mostly a sport. Mushing is most oftenly called dog sledding. Alaska is twice the size the size of Texas, which must be hard for the Texans because they have to get a passport if they were to go through Canada to get to Alaska. Did you know that the Special Olympics where once held in Alaska?
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