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Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions Business Review

Not surprisingly, Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions is the leading provider of unique accounting and financial solutions in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Tokyo, Japan. The corporation’s distinctive methods allow their clients to enhance their business and reach success. They also have a reliable accounting professionals that specializes in complete-service accounting solutions and advanced financial methods designed to meet the needs of their clients.

Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions is a well-known firm in Malaysia that provides a comprehensive accounting and financial solutions to answer both corporate and personal goals of their clients. The company’s specialized method in attaining financial stability provides their clients the ability to achieve the full potential of their investments and accounting.

Alfa One’s partnerships among accountants, bookkeepers, Certified Financial Planners (CFP's), and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) provide their clients a deep source of benefits and advantages.

Business Clients

Ever since the company began, Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions has been greatly committed in providing accounting solutions and strategies to a multitude of businesses throughout the world. The company prides itself on having complete-service accounting and financial solutions that allows their clients to achieve their individual and business goals.

Alfa One could also offer impeccable client assistance to you and your team on a regular basis. The company is known nowadays as a firm of excellence and professionalism. This reputation is the result of more than 20 years of expertise in guiding small to medium-size businesses in improving the growth and development of their business.

Business Accounting Services

Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions has a highly-efficient team of accountants, bookkeepers, CFP’s, and CPA’s that works together to create all the necessary tax returns, income tax preparations, and assessment reports to guide the progressive course of their clients’ business.

With good reputation in accounting, Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions provides effective solutions to their clients to help them create facts-based financial decisions and reach their ultimate business and personal goals.

Alfa One’s accounting services include regular financial statements developed for businesses that is focused on important financial ratios, quarterly meetings to evaluate and review the client’s financial progress, proactive tax planning to prepare for business opportunities and decrease tax liabilities, payroll assistance by a qualified payroll accountant to manage the client’s individual needs, and employee compensation and benefits management for their client’s business.

Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions’ accounting strategies are designed to support productivity requirements. And according to countless reviews, this provides their clients an accurate measure of their position regarding their ultimate financial future.

Business Consulting

Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions also provides the needed management advisory of their clients to improve their business. They offer support and business insight to increase profitability and develop financial management to ensure that their clients can focus on providing excellent customer care.

They strive to improve both of your personal and business’ financial well-being, while helping you develop a great corporate environment. You’ll surely have a reliable provider of insight and expertise by partnering with Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions who understands businesses in all its phases and has an extensive experience in accounting, financial planning, taxation, insurance, management of business practice consulting, and human resources you need for achieving business excellence.

Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions guarantees you better solutions, better decisions and better staff through its business consulting. They could give you answers to quick questions as part of their standard services and at no extra fee. You could call them to discuss anything that affects your finances to get insightful and objective advice. Alfa One could also provide front-office system management, create good bookkeeping strategies, and comprehend important operational concerns.

Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions can collaborate with you or with your broker, to develop a sound transition program both personally and financially. They could provide solutions to your questions about taxation, financing and contracts, and will act as your reliable counselor when you have to make vital decisions.

Alfa One’s start-up and transition services include developing programs for initiating, purchasing, selling or merging a business; assisting new business owners set up a business with guidance on financing, set up and business profitability; producing multiple-entity frameworks to meet the multifarious needs of the owners; building systems for starting a second office or calling in a new partner; undertaking research on regional incomes, wages and other vital profitability parameters; and assisting retiring owners on business-sale decisions and giving advice on administering sale proceeds.

Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions could assist various business owners in deciding their options and generate sound business decisions. The corporation strives diligently to deliver quality assistance to achieve their clients’ desired financial objectives. They have a rare combination of accounting and financial experience and expertise that can support a hard-to-match technique to reach the financial success of their clients.


For over two decades, the financial experts of Alfa One Corporation Accounting Solutions in Tokyo, Japan have provided a one-stop financial-services source in management of business practice, tax and financial planning, accounting, transition, investment counseling and retirement planning consultancy especially for the dental industry in Malaysia, Tokyo and Hong Kong. Since our company started its operations, dentists have relied on our knowhow, expertise, and experience to help them attain their business and personal objectives with excellent results. Our well-trained staff of Certified Public Accountants, Certified Financial Planners, accountants and bookkeepers are ready to provide dentists the assistance they require on a day-to-day arrangement. We aim to enhance all our clients' financial productivity as well as the quality of life.