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Activity Monitoring: A Step towards Ensuring Business Success

Pondering upon ways to manage your business effectively? Willing to have a better control over internal business activities? Wait! And imagine having a solution at your help, which could enable you to closely monitor all the computer activities occurring in your organization. Activity monitoring software are such breakthrough utilities which can inform you about all the application, internet and clipboard activities taking place on your computer system in your absence. These softwares track computer activity of users with each keystroke. You can now easily identify as to how your organization’s resources are being utilized. Let us discuss in what ways an activity reporter can benefit you and your organization.

How does an Activity Monitoring Software Function?

An activity reporter monitors all the system activities of user silently, by logging internet as well as application activities. Such a log allows users to selectively record and analyze all the computer activities with respect to date and time. Software’s unique white listing feature ensures intelligent and user controlled recording of logs. By selecting specific checkboxes on the software interface, you can opt to keep a record of all the keystrokes made on user’s systems, including those of non-printable keys. The activity monitoring software also allows you to have a record of captured screenshots of varying quality and sizes. With this software, you also get the option of controlling screenshot frequency, either by selecting specific time or with every click of mouse. Software’s working log feature generates work log for individual computer system, with records at predefined time durations, and hence enables you to track busy and idle time of system. This is, therefore, a foolproof self implementing activity monitoring utility, which records and maintains a log of all the chats, email conversations, visited websites, and even password. It is a user friendly surveillance solution, which helps you monitor all the computer and internet activities of your employees or kids, on a specific LAN in real time.

Organizational Benefits of Activity Reporter..

The activity logger benefits its users in varied ways, which can be described as follows:

· The software generates detailed reports of activities done on your computer system by others in your absence; thereby allowing you to track and monitor your employee’s, kid’s or spouse’s computer usage

· It empowers you to take informed decisions, with the ability to detect any information or data theft occurring at workplace and take remedial actions accordingly

· With the help of this software, you can not only act proactively to prevent any sort of information breach, but also detect reasons of already occurred wrongdoings and learn lessons for future

· You can easily keep a track of busy and idle time of your employees, so as to assess their efficiency

· You can manage your log size for reporting and set reporting duration, to ensure optimal utilization of system’s resources

It keeps a detailed record of all the email chats, web pages visited and user activities online in real time, by capturing screenshots. This employee monitoring tool can go a long way in assisting you to track computer activity of your employees at workplace, and perform a deeper analysis to ensure their efficiency. You can, therefore, manage productivity of your organization’s resources successfully.

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