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Taking A Dive With Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles have been around since dinosaurs! Sea Turtles eat jellyfish, seaweed, and many other things. Green Sea Turtles can stay underwater for five hours. The way they do this, is their heart rate slows down so they can save oxygen.The Leatherback sea turtles is in the most danger. Help save the poor creature.The scientific name for all sea turtles is Chelonioidea. Also there are seven types of sea turtles.

A female sea turtle can lay 70-190 eggs! Talk about kids! The female lays her eggs on the same shore she was born on. It depends on the sand temperature if the turtle is going to be female or male.With the global warming there is more female hatching.This is a problem for mating season. It takes up to a week for a baby sea turtle to dig itself out of the nest. Males don’t return to shore once they get into the water. About one in a 1,000 baby sea turtles make it to adulthood. Help stop global warming and the littering that goes into the ocean. IF YOU DON’T DO IT FOR THE SEA TURTLES, THEN DO IT FOR YOU,YOU LIVE IN THIS WORLD, ALSO.

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On May 1,1836, Sarah, the queen, sends huntsman, George, to kill Snow White. Sarah’s excuse for her evil doing, was Snow White was far more fairest then she. George did not follow through with his orders. George told Snow White to run far away. Snow White was scared of the big dark forest. She said, “The trees were talking to each other.” Snow White found the seven dwarfs home. Sneezy, Grumpy, Happy, Doc, Bashful,Dopey, and Sleepy were surprised to find such a beauty in their small but tidy house. They let her stay as long as she did the chores, and for that the dwarfs gave her anything she wanted.That day Sarah asked her magic mirror who was the fairest. The Magic Mirror answered, “You my queen are fairest, but Snow White is still a thousand times fairest.” The Magic Mirror told the evil queen where Snow White was.

On May 14,1836, the queen gives a red perfectly poisoned apple to Snow White. Snow White took a bite and she fell dead. The seven dwarfs came home to find their beauty lying on the floor.They made a glass coffin and put her up in the hill,where one of them always stayed. Months later, a prince named Dovan came and fell upon Snow White. It took awhile to convince the seven dwarfs for him to take Snow White.

One of the man carrying the glass coffin tripped and the piece of apple came out .Snow White awoke and fell in love with Dovan. The wedding happened right away. Everyone was invited, including the seven dwarfs. Snow White’s mother was banished from the land. After all, Snow White and Dovan lived happily ever after.

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Sky Burger

This game is a strategy game.This game was released on May 21, 2009. Players stack ingredients to fill in the order. Don’t get the ingredients that are on the screen, or you lose your tip. Example: It tells you to only get six lettuce and three cheese. Do not get the other ingredients that are falling. You want to get the exact amount, so you get a tip. If you get the top bun before you finish getting the ingredients, you lose.The game gets harder the better you do. You have to tilt your phone right and left to get the ingredients you need.Sky Burger is a very addictive game.

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Never go backward.

Attempt, and do it with all your might.

Determination is power.

-Charles Simmons

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