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Ned Kelly

Born in Beverage, Victoria (a town 42 kilometers north of Melborne) Ned Kelly is the most infamous bushranger and is notorious for his numerous murders and bank robberies not to mention his appearance in hundreds of about his defiance with colonial authority.
Ned attended school at Avenel and in he throw his life on the line to save a boy who was drowning, Ned was awarded a sash. At 12 years old ned's father died, forcing him to leave school to aid his family. Ned later moved to the Glenrowan area (north-east if Melborne). Ned Kelly was facing poverty in some of Australia's roughest and toughest conditions. In 1868, Ned was arrested for assaulting a Chinese pig farmer with his accomplice Harry Power. Supprisingly the two escaped being guilty, but next year this would all change... One year had passed and Ned had been sentenced for three months of hard labour for assault and an extra three years of hard labour for stealing a horse. Ned and his brother Dan were involved in a stealing cattle group, as the brothers kept raiding cattle the police were attracted by the group, were they going to outsmart Ned Kelly a third time? Constable Alexander Fitzpatrick Visited the Kelly home in 1878, Fitzpack accused Ned of attempted murder so to avoid Jail Ned and Dan started to go into hiding. The two hid in Wombat rangers (near Mansfield) where they met Joe Byrne, a man from Beechworth and Steve Hart, a daring horseman from Wangarratta, the Kelly gang was formed rewards of £100 was offered to the public if they found members of the gang. In October when the police had located Ned and his accomplice, the gang shot the three policemen dead and escaped again. The Victorian Government was screaming in desperation as they would handover £500 to the bouty hunters if they retreived the gangsters dead or alive. The gang robbed Jerilderie and Euroa banks and stole £4141 of notes and gold, as Ned needed to gain money to create a suit of armor to protect him from the police. The police followed ned's trail in July, 1880. £2000 was now the reward of finding the outlaws, the police were now extremely determined to find Ned Kelly.Ned returned to Glenrowan in July the 27th and held hostages at the local hotel. In a continuous battle between criminal and police unfortuneately ned was wounded in the showdown and to add the police had finally dominated and had conquered the fight. Ned Kelly was lucky to survive trial, but was alive to see his death sentence. Kelly was sentenced to death by hanging he died on the 11th of November 1880. Also known as Australia's Billy the kid, Ned Kelly is one of the few extremely famous figures in Australia history along with Steve Irwin, Banjo Patterson and the ANZACs. Ned Kelly was describes to be "the most cold-blooded, egotistical and utterly self-centered criminals ever to be decorated the end of the rope in an Australia jail" others say "he is one of Australia's most famous and greatest figures ever to walk on this Southern Land."

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Frank Gardiner

Born in Ross-shire, Scotland in 1830, Frank began his life of crime at twenty when he stole horses, he received a five-year Jail sentence, but escaped and returned to stealing more horses! After being caught again! Frank received a seven years of jail. Luckily Frank only served three years when he was allowed to leave. After jail Frank became a butcher but the meat he was selling was the stock he stole. He received a warrant but rather than face trial frank decided to hide in the bush. Like other bushrangers, Gardiner enjoyed holding up large farms, locking everyone in the house and held a big paries! Sick of tiny heists, frank decided to hold a massive robbery with six other bushrangers. He planned to rob a government stagecoach that carried a great amount of gold and money. As they waited for the stagecoach, the gang forced two bullock drivers to leave their bullock teams in the middle of the road so the coach couldn't pass through. When the coach arrived there was a short gun battle. Tha gang escaped split the gold and money and left. Many men were arrested including Ben hall due to suspicion of being involved. Four of the six were arrested in Gardiners gang. Frank moved to Queensland, changed his name and bought a shop. In Queensland he was tracked down and arrested two years later. In 1864 Gardiner was sentenced to 32 years in jail! But ten years later he was released from prison. Unlike other bushrangers, frank didn't die in jail, after his life of crime in Australia, he moved to San Francisco, California. He died in America.

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Dan Morgan

Dan Morgan was born in about 1830 in Campbelltown, New South Wales. His mother was a convict from Ireland and the prisoner blood rushed throughout the family as Dan as a teenager got in trouble by the police for attacking a policeman and stealing. At 20 years of age Dan travelled to the Victorian goldfields. After four years he was charged due to robbery and forced 12 years of hard labour. But six years in he was allowed to leave for free. Morgan travelled back to New South Wales and started robbing travelers and farmers. Just like the average bushranger Dan was brutal and attacked innocemt people for no reason. In 1864 dan's brutal persona escalated as he shot and wounded a bush worker near Albury. In the same year he shot a police in the back. He crossed the Victorian border again and on April the 8ths he held up peechelba station near wangaratta. He held everyone in the dining room and forced the owners wife to pay the piano for him as he ate. Morgan let Alice MacDonald leave the room to comfort a crying baby but she told her neighbors to call the police. After not returning for a long time, Dan went out to investigate and grab a horse but he was shot by a stockman.

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