Sales Promotion

Popular Forms of Sales Promotion - Kyle Lear

Premium Item Give-away

These are items that are given away at events and such for buying special offers or expensive deals.

These bobble heads were given away at baseball games for certain fans. (season pass holders, and such.)

Contests and Sweepstakes

These are things fans can participate/enter for a chance to win something big.

Like the NHL has events happening during break times, and fans participate in random events to win money, or full access to NHL games, etc...


Companies sponsor sports teams, and give out little bits of their products to fans for free.

At a Texas Rangers game, workers would give out coasters showing a company logo, and the Rangers emblem.

Point-of-Purchase Displays

These are displays with the product attatched to it, and the display is usually showing the company, and their logo.

Ex: Live Well put a baseball player to gain baseball players attentions, and they put their product on it so people will buy it.

Special Events

Sports teams will have special events for people who want to come, and they will meet those players and such. Just events that usually wouldn't happen.

Before the superbowl, they have a huge party wherever the superbowl is taking place. People get to meet players and coaches and celebrities.


These are like discount papers given out at minor/major/club games from the stadium. Sponsors will help make these coupons for people, so that they will goto their company, and buy their goods.

Ex: Taco Bueno sponsors the Texas Rangers, and gives out free taco cards to fans at home games.