Analyzing Abstract Concepts


  1. Denotation- an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound: a duty or commitment. Connotation- sympathy

Association- responsibility, helping

2. Obligation means feeling it is your duty to do something. You feel required to take care of a certain thing.

3. Atticus feels obligation towards Tom Robinson during the trial. Atticus believes that everyone deserves a fair trial. He would feel bad if he didn’t at least try to help Tom.

4. Obligation is often shown towards going on mission trips. Most people feel it is their job to give back to others.

5. This picture represents someone helping another person who is less fortunante. The man helping the kid feels that it is important for him to give back. He feels obligated to give back and particiapte in increasing the quality of life for others who lack what he has.