Mission: Healthy Families

Info Meeting and Q&A Time

Take Back Your Health!

Are you ready to find out how I and my friends have taken back our health, gained energy, AND released stress, toxins, fat and inches?! Please join us! Men and women , young and feeling old...this is for everyone! Bring friends and family along .

"Mission: Healthy Families" Information Meeting

Saturday, April 5th, 5:45pm

45 S State St

Zeeland, MI

Please RSVP to jennifergetshealthy@gmail.com or 616.610.7168

We are AdoptaGenix!

AdoptAgenix is a team of mission-minded product users and business builders in the awesome solutions based company of ISAGENIX. Our goal is to create healthy and prosperous forever families by the use of the most incredible nutrition on the planet and impact the lives of orphans and people globally.