eBooks for all ages!!


Tumblebooks has many great features that makes the website very accessible!

The three best features I believe it has is:

1) The different categories/genres to choose from

2) The Playlist option

3) The My Cloud feature


1) The various categories and genres to choose from makes this website very easy to navigate and gives plenty of options for different age groups.

2) The Playlist option is an amazing feature to have. It allows you to build a playlist of your choice of books to have played one after another so you don't have to search for each books you like or skip ones that you don't enjoy!

3) The My Cloud feature is a huge strength for this website because it allows you to retrieve your Favorites from any computer in the world. This makes this website very accessible and reliable.


The only limitations I really saw is that there is not enough to choose from. If they widened their book selection, TumbleBooks really wouldn't have many limitations.

Classroom Use

TumbleBooks is a good website to use in the classroom to get kids more excited about reading. I would have my students set up playlists of their favorite books and maybe share one of their favorites with a group each week.