Crybabies? Raging Teens?

The solution to your kids emotional outbreaks and feelings

Dramatic and Emotional

Adolescent Hormonal Development

Adolescent emotional development is often characterized by rapidly fluctuating emotions.We will also discuss important aspects of emotional maturity, particularly an essential skill called emotional self-efficacy.Developmental experts have since learned that what may appear as "storm and stress" is actually the natural outcome of youth learning to cope with a much larger array of new and unfamiliar situations.

Critical youth ages

Youths are at a ‘critical period’ in their lives crucial for neural development, and adverse obstacles may leave lasting effects on the brain. As we grow up, experiences will shape our brains. One thing we’ll all experience is stress(if not, then I guess you’re lucky!); you’d be surprised at the mark stress makes on the brain, and more importantly, white matter. A boost in stress hormones most likely led to long-term effects on white matter. In turn, these structural changes in brain white matter were linked with social aggression, poor visual processing, and emotional regulation.
Emotional baby! Too cute!

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Child development project pt. 1

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