4th Grade Update

Week of December 9

Housekeeping Notes

  • Your child needs either an empty pizza box, a piece of white poster board, or a brown shopping bag for Reading. We will be using these items for our biographical research projects/presentations. All work will be done in class, but your child now needs this item at school as soon as possible.

  • Winter parties will be on Friday, December 18 at 2:00. Many thanks to our fabulous Room Representatives--Maria Christon, Rachel Vick, Jenny Littlefield, and Jenny Dunn! We appreciate you organizing everything! (WRE students may not visit other class' parties so please keep that in mind if you need to pick up siblings from other classes.)

  • The WRE Spelling Bee is Monday, December 14. Best of luck to Annabel Davidson, Kate Goodale, Cole Boisvert and Nicholas Christon! We're proud of you for representing our classes!

In the Classroom

LANGUAGE ARTS: Revising a scored composition; verb tenses

READING: Biography research project; biography projects are due Thursday, December 17 (students will present them to our class)

MATH: Adding and subtracting decimals

SCIENCE: Investigating the changes caused by heating and cooling matter; classifying mixtures and solutions; Science Fair display boards are due by Friday, December 18

EXCELerator Awards

This week's EXCELerator award winners are:

Mrs. Roby's homeroom: Abigail Vick

Mrs. Osborne's homeroom: Caroline Iltis

Congratulations Abigail and Caroline!