The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

John Boyne

Main setting

The setting takes place in a death camp called Auschwitz. Auschwitz is a concentration camp.


Three of the most important characters are Bruno, father and Shmuel and they each play a big part in the book. Father is a leader of a concentration camp and Bruno is his son. Shmuel is a Jew in the camp and he is Bruno's new best friend for life.

main conflict

The main conflict is that Bruno has no friends and he is getting very lonely but then he finds a lonely Samuel. They become friends and almost every day they go to that spot and talk. Bruno doesn't want his family to find out or they won't let him talk to his new best friend.

events from the beginning

Bruno goes to a new house because his father has to go where the fury tells him to go. they move to a camp called Auschwitz but he calls it out with.

events from the middle

in the middle of the story he finds a new friend called shmuel and they become the best of friends. they each go to the fence and they talk and they tell each other stories.

events from the end

some events from the end are Samuel come sader then usel and he cant find hi papa and so they make a plane for Bruno to get in and help him find his papa. when they are in there they get sent to the gas chamber and they both die.