Registered Nurse

Halle Ortner - 3rd Hour Science

Career Overview

Registered Nurses work under the supervision of doctors where they keep detailed records, provide expert health care, support and information.

What you need to succeed

Good classes to take in high school are: Biology, Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology.

As far as college, I would need a Bachelor’s degree.

Cost of Education

The cost for the University of Wisconsin Green Bay is $8,624 per year. That adds up to $34,496 for all four years.

My Parents Estimated Cost for College

Housing = $24,000

Food/groceries = $9,600

Gas money = $10,000

Clothing money = $10,000

Total tuition for total time at college = $40,000


Loans and financial aid may come into account when paying for college but some people may not also. Applying for scholarships would be a smart idea intending you don't really have much to lose.

Getting at least a part-time job before college would be a great idea becasue it could help pay for college and you could also use that money for extra things. That may include more clothes, presents, beauty care, etc.

Thoughts about pursuing this career

It depends on the type of person you are for this career. Being a Registered Nurse requires you to work around people and be able to collaborate with any age all day. Thinking about that you want to be a kind, helpful person that is willing to possibly work flexible hours depending on the work. One thing most people enjoy is the pay, it allows you too have a comcortable lifestyle if you budget your money considerably.

Associations/Professional Organizations for This Career

American Nurses Association

National Student Nurses Association

Pros and Cons


- Work with any age

- Benefits

- May work flexible hours


- May work days, nights, weekends, and holidays

- More work than schedule allows

Job Advertisment

Are you social butterfly? Do you love working and helping people? Then you would love to be a registered nurse! You would work on the patient under the doctors instruction inside a hospital, nursing home, clinic, whatever you choose! All you need to do is go to college for four years to get your bachelors degree in registered nursing. And once you get on the job you can earn up to $84,790 dollars!

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