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Snapshot 21st Century Learning

Added 24.1.17

Syllabus Outcomes - I have collated the K-6 outcomes into a word document - English, Maths, Science, History, Geography. For my purposes it provides a quick reference and great for programming.

Added 22.1.17

Writing - Strong Verbs freebie which you can laminate and display, Comic Strip Templates.

Point of View - Mini lesson freebie

Added 21.1.17

Ziba Comes on A Boat - Unit by Dawne Furze

Whatever Next - Unit of activities by Dawne Furze

Parts of A Story Poster - freebie

Rounding to The Nearest Ten - freebie

Valentines - Ideas and a freebie

Biography Craft - Writing Idea - Freebie and a great back to school activity.

Flexible Seating Rules Poster - freebie

The Bible App

Primers, Brainbreaks and Mindfulness - Easy and fun ideas that put smiles on faces

Rich Texts

Picture Books

To teach figurative language, adjectives, making connections, creating visual images and to identify problems and their solutions.

Added 17.1.17

Magic 100 Words - A super activity created by Shane McMillan. This activity can be adapted to cater for all spelling/vocabulary lists etc

Have you seen Google Drive Slides? It uses a folder of photos in your Google Drive to create a new Google Slides presentation and adds each photo in that folder to its own slide in the presentation. (i.e. A folder with 15 photos has 15 slides … one for each photo.)

3 new online readers links which are bright and engaging.

Y5-7 Spooky Descriptive Writing - An AC Lesson.

Brain Breaks - 18 Action Songs suitable for K-1

I Cans @ AMSI - Based on the Numeracy Continuum.

Growth Mindset Through Writing - Y3-5 lessons @ Australian Curriculum Lessons.

Recount Lesson - K-1 - An AC Lesson.

Sebastian Lives On A Hat - K-1 recount lesson.

Added 16.1.17

2017 Accreditation Documents - From 1 January 2018, all NSW school teachers will need to be accredited to start, continue or return to teaching.

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Pre-Writing and Fine Motor Skills - created by Gayle Pinn

ES1 English Unit - Kissing Hand created by Sue Yee


Visible Learning, Flexible Learning, Data Walls - Heaps of new ideas to inspire you and your colleagues!

Poodwaddle - Provides current statistics of World's population, calendars & time.

Ocean Lesson Plans - Students learn what marine debris is and why it is a problem through exploration of the ocean as an ecosystem while covering indigenous concepts of interconnectedness and respect for the environment.

Cloud Type - Window Display!

Research on Teaching Phonics

Group Activities using Lego - Adapt this concept and apply to your other lessons.

Added 11.1.17

Persuasive Techniques Poster - created by Lizzie Chase which she created to support the ebook she wrote "A Children's Guide to Australia Fair" and illustrated by Nik Scott.

She created a website to accompany her ebook.

Teaching Kids to Struggle to Build Growth Mindset - a perplexing problem to solve and a lesson that was inspired by this activity.

Gratisography - provides free, inspirational pictures that are ideal to use as writing prompts, as poster and lesson stimuli.

Dr Seuss - lesson idea.

Summarising Using Comic Strips

Restating The Question - Redaing lesson idea, easy and effective.

Using Pictures to Teach Reading & Writing Skills - a great lesson idea

Another Book Tasting Idea - so simple and so fun!

You Can Learn Anything

Added 10.1.17

Meredith Snowden has shared her exemplary resources on Snapshot. Meredith was an instructional leader developed units based on the literacy continuum. Download Meredith's resources and adapt to meet your students' needs.

Thank You Meredith ....your resource srae amazing!!!!


Point of View

Informative Text

Main Idea


Reading Skills

Retell - Summarise

Skim and Scan

Added 3rd January

Numeracy Ninjas - A free numeracy site designed to fill gaps in students’ basic mental calculation strategies. Grab your free booklets/worksheets now.

Mindfulness on The Classroom - Contains loads of great ideas, links and free downloads.

Guided Relaxation - a series of clips created by Cosmic Kids.

PE Skills - 5 clips

Host a Book Tasting Idea - A fun idea which you can adapt to meet the needs of your students. ...maybe even hold a Book Tasting Picnic..a yummo idea!

Reading Ninjas - Another great idea for learning goals/intentions to adapt.

Visual Writing Prompts - great ideas for S3-4. Whilst you are on this page, check out the other links to some great writing prompts websites.

Mindset Brag Tags - freebie

Exit Slips - freebies

Paragraphing - freebie

Printing on A Sticky Note - Of course you've wondered and tried but this free ppt will make it a much easier task.

Free 2017 Calendars - I noticed some links had been broken but when I searched on the relevant website I was able to locate the 2017 calendar. Worth a try.

Silent Film and Brain Ball Games - 2 "oldie but goldie" games to adapt for your classroom.

Teaching Mean and Mode - Great lesson idea and free download, grab your copy now.

Fairy Tale Drama Circle Cards - Freebie with 32 activities.

Mind in a Jar - Planting Seeds of Mindfulness MOVIE!

Added 1st January

Letter Writing - A super resource containing free teaching ideas plus 2 interactives (How to write a Business and Personal Letter)

Added 31st January

Google Apps - new resources added to inspire you

Festisite Links - A free site which allows you to add faces to Minecraft people, playing cards, and money. Also create animated gifs, plus "endless movies". Plus word clouds in the form of a wave, heart etc. Your images are free to download and with no log in.

Hello Stick-lets

Added 30th January

Growth Mindset Kit - great PL.

QR Codes - Shared by Kimberley Au - QR Code Listening Centres

Guided Reading Prompts and Questions to Improve Comprehension - Contains questions to guide you during your guided reading lesson. Grab you copy now!

Visualising Reading Response - 2 free templates.

Guided Reading - free templates.

Inferring - 2 Reading responses templates

Story Elements - Free reading response template

Main Idea - Links to 2 teaching slideshows plus a template to create a Main Idea Table Top.

Added 29th January

Narratives - How To Build Stories, a series of 7 clips from Splash

TEN - Domino Double freebie, Add Ten freebie, link to "Counting" on the Sightwords site.

Minecraft - 100 Free Printables

Picture Books for Cross Curriculum Planning

Comprehension Strategy freebie- a collection of sentence stems for thinkmarks, reader's response, plus to teach students the language to use when comprehending a text.

Information Literacy Process link and a link to 734 Read Aloud books

Rich Texts - Are you looking for rich texts for your 2017 units? If so, check out this pinterest board.

Free Reading-Comprehension Charts - heaps of quality freebies and ideas to adapt...Literature Circle roles, Reading & Spelling, Decoding, Middle School. The Reading Stamina charts are cute!