A New Chapter

Southside Library Media Center Newsletter

Welcome to YOUR Library!!

Library seeking readers, dreamers, & researchers. No library card necessary. Must have teacher's permission. OPEN times: before school through third period. Come check out a book. Come to just read. Ask about book clubs.

"Books are the plane, and the train, and the road.

They are the destination and the journey.

They are home." -Anne Quindlen

10 Reasons Why You Should Read More Books

  1. To improve verbal abilities
  2. To improve your focus and concentration
  3. Readers enjoy the arts and improve the world
  4. It improves your imagination
  5. Reading makes you smarter
  6. It makes you interesting and attractive
  7. To reduce stress
  8. To improve your memory
  9. To discover and create yourself
  10. For entertainment