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We tend to take hot water for granted.

Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Hot Water Heater

We tend to take hot water for granted. We turn on the shower and it's there for us to enjoy. Others like to soak in a hot bath to rejuvenate themselves instead. Hot water is necessary when washing dishes and many use it for laundry. When we turn on the hot water faucet and there is no hot water, it can greatly disrupt our activities. Most of the time our hot water heaters work flawlessly, but when they need repair or replacement, it's usually not something we are willing or able to wait for. Instead, this is a time to call the 24/7 Richmond Plumbers to repair or replace your hot water heater as soon as possible. Most experts agree that residential hot water heaters last approximately 10 years. Luckily, there are a few service maintenance tips that can be done to help increase the efficiency and lifespan of your hot water heater. Though homeowners can do routine maintenance of their own hot water heaters, it's usually recommended to call Plumbers Richmond VA. They are experienced with these procedures and know just what to do to keep your unit running as smoothly as possible.

One of the first places a hot water heater usually starts to leak as it ages, is in the tank. This is due to the sediment build up that comes from the minerals in the water. It's recommended that the tank be drained annually. It's not necessary to drain the entire tank but only a few inches of water. When the water runs clear, and no sediment or particles are seen, it will have been drained enough. Leaving this sediment in the tank over time will shorten the heater's life span and also decrease the efficiency of the unit.

Another important maintenance that should be done on your hot water heater is checking the pressure relief valve. This valve is a safety feature that opens if the pressure builds too high in the tank. The Plumbers Richmond VA can easily check this valve to be sure it's operating correctly. It's imperative that it work right, as it could be dangerous if the pressure were to build up in the tank and there was no release. Though unlikely, the tank could potentially explode. When the valve is inspected, water should come out of it when it is opened. If it doesn't do this, the valve must be replaced.

Though hot water heaters usually work without problem for many years, having your unit serviced by a company that does Plumbing Richmond VA, will ensure that your hot water heater will work well for as long as possible. This will increase its safety and efficiency for many years, saving you time and money, and allowing you all the hot water you need.