Secondary T.L Updates April 2014

Decisions and Commitments

I. Lib Guide

Last time we met as a group (March 17th) we had some important discussions and decisions made by the team. I promised I would summarize and provide the important details around some upcoming commitments by the team.

  1. Shannon, Dan, Kory, Gladys, Ronda, Dan Clarke, Dawn, Ronda and Lexi met to preview and co-assess the Secondary Lib guide pages that related to supporting adolescent literacy :

    It is titled “Beyond Traditional Text- Digital and Visual Fluency”

    Using the co-constructed and revised rubric, we assessed our pages that we had made to support teachers as they help their adolescent learners. The rubric can be found on the shared google doc: It is titled “Lib guide Checklist”

    Important commitments agreed upon:

  • Each participant T.L. would share the pages with an ELA teacher for feedback. (no later than mid May)

  • Each participant/team would edit/add to their grade level (as picked by each group) based on the feedback.

  • Sharing of the final copy/draft would be ready for our May 27th Secondary T.L. visioning/sharing meeting (See below for details)

Co-constructing- Peer to Peer support of the Lib Guides

  1. We agreed as a team that next year we would start to co-construct the main pages that deal with the “goals of :

  1. Inquiry

  2. Traditional Literacy

  3. Digital Literacy/Media fluency

This would be accomplished with face to face meetings that consider the purpose, audience and the components as set out by the Lib guide rubric.

We would gather evidence of the impact of these pages through: student /staff feedback, data on visitations, etc.

Note: All other school specific and teacher specific pages would still be individually made by the T.L for his/her school.

Future Commitments:

  1. We agreed that we needed to meet by the end of May to discuss:

-the vision for next year and our commitment to supporting student learning

-the supports we would need to support our learning as Instructional Leaders in our schools.

-the plan to make it all a reality

- the Lib Guide pages as a tool to support the learning/instruction.

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Secondary T.L. Visioning/Finalizing

Tuesday, May 27th, 9am-12pm


Please register online for our last meeting of the year.