Stanley Avenue School Newsletter

Term 4, Week 6

Hello, Kia ora, Chomreabsour, Mālo ni, Ni hao, Kia orāna, Talofa lava, Namaste, Hola, Hallo, Chào bạn, Bula Vinaka, Kumusta, Guten Tag, Mālō e lelei , An-nyeong-ha-se-yo, greetings to all our School Families.

From the principal's desk

Kia ora tatou,

Staffing News

The great news is that the majority of our staffing team from 2022 remains the same and provides continuity moving into 2023.

Sally Findlay, our Tui Team Leader and Year 5/6 teacher will be taking a year’s leave to travel our beautiful country with her husband Gary. Sally will return to us for the start of the 2024 school year. We take this opportunity to thank Sally for her amazing efforts and wish her and Gary the best of luck on an exciting adventure.

We congratulate Mrs Debbie Hamilton who has won the Acting Team Leader position for 2023. Debbie is a skilful and talented classroom teacher, who is emerging as a strong leader at Stanley Avenue School. I know the community will support Debbie in her role.

As a school we have been fortunate to appoint Miss Samantha Dearnley for the year to replace the position left in Team Tui. Samantha has recently moved to Te Aroha with her partner. Samantha is very excited about starting at Stanley Avenue School and becoming involved in the Te Aroha Community. Outside of teaching Samantha is passionate about coaching Gymnastics and Swimming. Samantha, currently enjoys long distance swimming races.

As a teaching team we are putting together classes for 2023. Class lists will be available for viewing at school from Friday 9th December.

Ngā mihi nui

John Byers

Upcoming Events

  • 1 Dec Golf Croquet Tournament Year 7/8
  • 1 Dec Junior Fun Athletics (Weather permitting 5,6 and 7 year olds)
  • 8 Dec Year 8 Graduation 7pm in the Rec Centre
  • 12 Dec Prizegiving Assembly
  • 13 Dec Whole School pool trip to Morrinsville pools - $10 per child
  • 14 Dec Last Day of the school year
  • 31 Jan 2023 First day of school 2023

Junior Fun Athletics for 5, 6 and 7 year olds

On Thursday 1st December (weather permitting!) we will be having our Junior School Fun Athletics.

We will be running a series of fun tabloid-type events which start at 9.15am on the back field, finishing before morning tea.

All 5, 6, & 7 years old students will be involved.

Students can wear their school house t-shirts if they wish, otherwise normal school uniform. It is usually a warm day so extra clothing can make our students very uncomfortable. It could be helpful to bring some extra clothes in case your child gets a bit wet!

Please put sunscreen on your child before school and ensure that they are at school on time. We will have extra sunscreen available. All students will be wearing their school hats.

You are all welcome to come along to support the children. Hope to see you there!

C. Finucane, C. Trebes, C. Griffin & H. Williams.

Tahi Rua Toru Tech (123 Tech) finalists Announced

We are so excited to announce that our team The Bug Smashers has been chosen as a national semi- finalist in the 123 tech competition. The team of Gaebriel Gamble, Christiaan Kuhn, Jesse Sutherland and Phoenix Barrington, have created a digital device to detect noise in classrooms called Tnoise.

The students submitted a video and documentation to show the process and end results which a panel of judges reviewed. the judges have commented that this has been a particularly hard task this year due to the calibre of project ideas and high standard of documentation.

This is a massive effort by this team, who now wait anxiously for the national semi-finalist panel of judges to determine who the 2022 National winners will be. Judging will take place next week.

Go Team Bug Smashers!!!

Please check out the video presentation below from the Bug Smashers.

Tnoise created by The Bug Smashers during 123Tech

HERO Digital Reports

Welcome to Term 4!

This term we will be producing our very first digital end of year reports on HERO.

For this we need each parent to have their own email registered with us. You don’t need to use the email for anything else, you just need your own email to sign into the app on your phone. One of the fantastic things about HERO is that it is designed specifically as an app to work on phones and is the best way to access it. On the day that reports are sent it will be right there on your HERO app. On the report it will show you how you can download and print the report if you are wanting to, however it will always sit in their HERO profile for you.

The Hero app enables teachers and students to share information about a student’s learning, progress, and achievement to support learning and improve student outcomes.

It provides a platform for promoting student agency and building a strong partnership between the student, their teacher/s, and the student’s family.

Once you have downloaded HERO, open it and click on “new user”.

Next enter the email you have registered with us under your name, set your password and then either enjoy or let us know if there are any issues.

Di Meyler

Deputy Principal

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Team Ruru Day Camp at Finlay Park

Monday, 21st November saw Team Ruru head to Finlay Park for a day of adventure.

Students had a great day of Go-Karting, Slingshot Paintball and Animal Survival on Skull Island!

Team Ruru made Stanley Avenue proud by giving the activities a go, working as a team, being respectful, and of course having lots of fun! What an amazing way to finish out a fantastic year.

Thank you for the amazing whanau support who made the day possible by supporting us with transport and help on the day. It was hard to know who had more fun, the students or the adults.

Nga mihi nui

Whaea Adreena

Look what we found in our Book Room!

What a surprise when the teachers found a swallow's nest in amongst the boxes of books in our bookroom. Room 11 have done some wonderful writing about what they saw and how it might have got there.

Te Aroha District Athletics 2022 Results



8 Yrs: 2nd - Leah Mold, 3rd - Codie King

9 Yrs: 1st - Tyela van Kuijk

10 Yrs: 3rd - Aaliyah McLaren

11 Yrs: 3rd - Neikyla Younger

12 Yrs: 3rd - Sahara Gardner-Walker

Shot Put

8 Yrs: 3rd - Ivy Green

9 Yrs: 1st - AJ Latu, 2nd - Tyela van Kuijk

11 Yrs: 2nd - Amelia Green

12 Yrs: 1st - Calais Wilson

Long Jump

8 Yrs: 2nd Leah Mold

9 Yrs: 1st - Tyela van Kuijk

10 Yrs: 1st - Isabella Fairnie, 3rd - Hannah Corrigan

11 Yrs: 2nd - Sophie Holder, 3rd - Neikyla Younger

12 Yrs: 3rd - Ariana Parker

High Jump

10 Yrs: 3rd - Paige Madden

11 Yrs: 3rd= Jayde King

12 Yrs: 1st - Ariana Parker, 2nd - Charlotte Ryan


8 Yrs: 3rd - Leah Mold

10 Yrs: 1st - Isabella Fairnie, 3rd - Paige Madden

11 Yrs: 1st - Sophie Holder

12 Yrs: 1st - Sahara Gardner-Walker, 2nd - Ariana Parker, 3rd - Amber Thomson


9 Yrs: 1st - Tyela van Kuijk

11 Yrs: 1st - Oceane Opie, 3rd - Sophie Holder

12 Yrs: 1st - Sahara Gardner-Walker, 2nd - Amber Thomson


10 Yrs: 1st - Cheyenne Smith

11 Yrs: 1st - Oceane Opie

12 Yrs: 1st - Charlotte Ryan, 3rd - Joanna Glenn


10 Yrs: 2nd - Hannah Corrigan, 3rd - Cheyenne Smith

11 Yrs: 1st - Oceane Opie



8 Yrs: 3rd - Jakob Tesselaar

10 Yrs: 1st - Jayden Stockley, 2nd - Tamati Emery-Te Kani

11 Yrs: 1st - Quartez McLaren

12 Yrs: 2nd - Connor Wood, 3rd - Calleb King

Shot Put

10 Yrs: 3rd - Jayden Stockley

11 Yrs: 1st - Charlie Knight

Long Jump

8 Yrs: 3rd - Austin Winders

10 Yrs: 2nd - Jayden Stockley

11 Yrs: 2nd - Erik Pollock

12 Yrs: 1st - Legend McLaren, 2nd - Blake Watts, 3rd - Zayne Fisher

High Jump

10 Yrs: 2nd - Kalais Manga

11 Yrs: 3rd - Erik Pollock

12 Yrs: 1st - Legend McLaren, 2nd - Jacob Pollock


10 Yrs: 2nd - Kalais Manga, 3rd - Hendrix Werahiko

11 Yrs: 2nd - Erik Pollock

12 Yrs: 1st - Legend McLaren, 3rd - Jeremiah Collier-Tilsley


10 Yrs: 1st - Jesse Sutherland, 2nd - Jayden Stockley, 3rd - Loclan Watts

12 Yrs: 1st - Connor Wood, 3rd - Ayden Kumar


10 Yrs: 1st - Loclan Watts, 2nd - Jesse Sutherland

11 Yrs: 2nd - Charlie Knight, 3rd - Lucas Gamble

12 Yrs: 1st - Connor Wood, 2nd - Jacob Pollock, 3rd - Legend Mclaren


10 Yrs: 1st - Loclan Watts, 2nd - Xavier Norman

11 Yrs: 1st - Xavier van Kuijk, 3rd - Erik Pollock

12 Yrs: 1st - Connor Wood, 2nd - Blake Watts

End of Year Whole School Picnic - Morrinsville Pools 13th December

Keep this date free!

The whole school will be travelling to Morrisville Pools to celebrate 2022 on Tuesday 13th December.

The cost will be $10 per child and will cover pool entry and bus fare.

Payment can be made by cash/eftpos at the office or by internet banking as soon as possible please to 03 1573 0009816 00 (Please use your family name as a reference)

More information and a permission slip is available on our website/facebook page.

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Room 8 and their super cool weaving

Last week Room 8 made some sensational wool Octopuses (or Octopai). This week we made Turtles by weaving wool around mini popsicle sticks. We mastered the 'Eye of God' weave. We have also been looking at shapes and how to make shapes from nets. We made Christmas trees from a triangular square base prism with a cylinder base, then we made decorations from dodecahedrons (and we learnt how to pronounce them dow-deh-kuh-hee-druhn ) and they are as tricky to make as they are to say!

You can see photos of our cool learning, arts and crafts, and sporting achievements on our Class Blog.

Here are our fabulicious finished turtles.

Tui team enjoying Stig Live

Award-winning audiobook narrator of the Andy Griffiths' Treehouse series Stig Wemyss came to Te Aroha's Event Centre on Monday and Team Tui went along to join in the fun!

Stig Live was a vibrant and energetic show which promoted the power of storytelling, encourages reading, and had lots of audience participation!

He was absolutely hilarious and our students enjoyed the show immensely. He has also narrated many other fun and silly books, which are available on the Borrow Box app as part of our local library.

A huge thank you to Matamata Piako District Council for bringing Stig live to our local students, and making the show free to attend.

Please note:

Library membership is freely available to anyone who lives in the Matamata-Piako District. We also have a reciprocal agreement with Hauraki, so anyone living in that district also has free access to our libraries. We recently opened our free access to those who also work or study in our district, so all teachers and students are entitled to free membership of our libraries as well! To join the library, there is a quick form to fill out, then we just need to see an ID and proof of address of the person responsible for the library account (parent/guardian for children).

Touch draw for friday 24th November

Finals touch is upon us.
Thank you to everyone that has participated and made this season such a good one.

The top four of each grade are playing off in a semi - followed by a final game.
We will have NO DRAWS.
So if at full time there is a draw the following will happen.
1 minute break
When teams resume play they will only put 5 players each on the field.
Two girls must be on.
After two minutes if one team is in the lead they are the winner. I
f a draw - play will commence as soon as each team loses another player each, in the same position as the game was stopped.
From here after two minutes each team will lose a player (only when there is three left on the field may it reduce to 1 female). The first team after the initial 2 minutes to score a try is the winner.
Hope this is nice and clear.

Might be a good idea to order your food early this week.
We will play no matter the weather so maybe pack a towel and change of clothes for the kids

Look forward to seeing you all Friday

Ange Shallue

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Taku Wairua programme with Team Tui

This year Team Tui was fortunate enough to be a part of the Taku Wairua Programme. As part of the programme, students have met inspirational speakers, learnt about their Whakapapa and set goals for themselves. This week, thanks to The Waterboy Foundation, Taku Wairua celebrated the end of their programme for the year with a wide range of activities at the Event Centre. We were with 3 other local schools and the day was amazing. Taine Wilson did a fantastic job of organising the day, and the students had a great time.
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Basketball draw

Term 4 2022 Yr 7/8 Basketball


All games 10 mins

Each team has 3 games

4.30pm - Coaching for 30 mins with Coach Alex

Round 1 - 5.00pm

TAPS TravellersvSAS Golden StateCourt 1BOYS

SAS FalconsvManawaru MavsCourt 2BOYS

St Josephs SharksvElstow-WaihouCourt 3BOYS

SAS Big FootvMIS The ShortageCourt 4BOYS

Round 2 - 5.13pm

SAS OrangatansvMIS BallersCourt 1BOYS

TAPS HustlersvSAS Peas in a PodCourt 2BOYS

MIS FabvSt Josephs StripesCourt 3GIRLS

SAS Powder Puff GirlsvTAPS QueensCourt 4GIRLS

Round 3 - 5.26pm

TAPS WizardsvElstow-Waihou EnergyCourt 1GIRLS

SAS BellbirdsvSAS AllstarsCourt 2GIRLS

TAPS QueensvMIS TroublemakersCourt 3GIRLS

Elstow-WaihouvManawaru MavsCourt 4BOYS

Round 4 - 5.39pm

TAPS TravellersvSAS FalconsCourt 1BOYS

SAS OrangatansvSt Josephs SharksCourt 2BOYS

SAS Golden StatevTAPS HustlersCourt 3BOYS

MIS The ShortagevSAS Peas in a PodCourt 4BOYS

Round 5 - 5.52pm

MIS BallersvSAS Big FootCourt 1BOYS

SAS BellbirdsvElstow-Waihou EnergyCourt 2GIRLS

St Josephs StripesvSAS AllstarsCourt 3GIRLS

MIS FabvTAPS WizardsCourt 4GIRLS

Round 6 - 6.05pm

SAS BellbirdsvSAS Powder Puff GirlsCourt 1GIRLS

St Josephs StripesvTAPS QueensCourt 2GIRLS

St Josephs SharksvSAS Golden StateCourt 3BOYS

MIS The ShortagevTAPS TravellersCourt 4BOYS

Round 7 - 6.18pm

TAPS TravellersvMIS BallersCourt 1BOYS

Elstow-WaihouvSAS Big FootCourt 2BOYS

SAS OrangatansvSAS FalconsCourt 3BOYS

MIS TroublemakersvMIS FabCourt 4GIRLS

Round 8 - 6.31pm

SAS AllstarsvElstow-Waihou EnergyCourt 1GIRLS

TAPS WizardsvMIS TroublemakersCourt 2GIRLS

SAS Peas in a PodvManawaru MavsCourt 3BOYS

SAS BellbirdsvSt Josephs StripesCourt 4GIRLS

Finish 6.41pm

Uniform Room is open on Wednesday Mornings 8.30-9.30am. Eftpos available.

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Stanley Ave School Bank Account Details

Please make payments to 03 1573 0009816 00 (Use you surname as a reference)