Anna Voracek

By, Lani Schoper

About Anna!

Did you know that Anna is so smart that she started reading in preschool? Could you do that? I don't think so! I'm doing a life story about the awesome, smart, generous, Anna Voracek!

Anna was a very smart baby. When she was in preschool, she started reading a book called Kat get Stressed. She read is so many times, and then finally she just taught herself how to read! Anna was (and still is) one smart girl!

Anna is "famous" for being the world's smartest girl! She is so knowledgeable about ALL subjects. That takes a lot of talent!

Some fun facts about Anna is that she HATES substitute teachers. Why? Because she's so used to her own teacher and their schedule. She also hold her pencil the wrong way. She still holds it that way because that's how she always held it and nobody ever told her wrong! She also mad Math Masters. That is awesome. Just by knowing that, you can tell she's a smart human!

Anna isn't only a genius, she is such a nice, helpful, kind person. She is always willing to help, which is amazing. Now you know a little about the smartest girl, Anna Voracek!