Room 110 News

October 14, 2015

Dear Families:

I hope everyone enjoyed the 3-day weekend! We jumped back into the groove of things at school and have started our end of trimester Assessments. I cannot wait to share your student's amazing progress at conferences!


Parent Teacher Conferences begin Monday, November 2 and end Thursday, November 5. If you have not already signed up for conferences, please swing by our classroom and sign up on the blue bulletin board. You can also email me days and times that work for you between 11/2-11/5.

Balancing Equations

We have been working on writing balance equations in class. Here is a great website to help support this math standard:

We had fun figuring out ways to make both sides of the equal sign the same in class.

Letter And Number Reversals:

In class we are working on catching ourselves when we have reversals in writing our numbers and letters. Common reversals include: b, d, 3, 6, p, q, 9, y. With practice, reversals will usually resolve by the end of first grade. A great way to support your student is to ask them if a number or letter they've written looks right. Usually they will correct it right away.

Family Pictures:

We are still collecting family pictures for a bulletin board. You can email a picture or send it to class with your student on Tuesday in the communication/homework folder.

Playground Guidelines:

In today's communication folder, you received a list of playground guidelines and a pledge. Please take a moment to go over the guidelines with your students. This can count as your child's nightly reading tonight! Send back the pledge sheet for a chance to win a prize in a school raffle! The playground guidelines are for everyone's safety. Thank you for taking them time to read them with your student!


The walk-a-thon is THIS Friday!!! All pledge sheets are due on Friday! It will most likely be a warm day so please wear comfortable clothing, athletic walking shoes, and a hat. We will be walking starting at 8:45. If you would like to walk with us please meet at Room 110 at 8:30ish.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at:

Thank you,
Susanne Reed

In Class...

Language Arts--Solving tricky words, Reading with partners, Story elements
Math--Understanding subtraction, writing true equations and balancing untrue equations, addition/subtraction fluency to 10
Spelling/Word Study-- Short /e/
Science-- Weather--building vocabulary/ Gardening

Upcoming Events/ Reminders...

10/16 Walk-A-Thon

10/22 PTA Meeting

10/30 Halloween Parade and Party (time TBD)
11/2- 11/5Parent/Teacher Conferences

Classroom Wish List

Nothing needed right now, thank you!