Coaching Seminar 2014

Led by Lou Holtz

"You aren't going to find anybody that's going to be successful without making a sacrifice and without perseverance."- Lou Holtz

You might be making too many, or too big of, sacrifices such as loss of sleep, not eating, etc. that aren't necessary.

Find out just Lou Holtz means by this as he unravels the Humanistic Theory to help you better yourself and your team; all while becoming one of the best coaches you can be.

Getting your team to Listen

Led by: Lou Holtz

Sleep, diet, exercise: they are all necessary for optimal performance and for avoiding sensory deprivation. When you have all these things, you senses will be stimulated rather than deprived which can have a negative effect on your performance. By having stimulated sense, you will feel an extra feeling of energy-making it more enjoyable to be around, and for your team. Making you someone more enjoyable, will make it easier for you to understand your teams needs, and for them to understand yours.

Satisfaction at its finest!

Learn how performance and learning goals are tied into the life of coaching!

Coaches' goal: State Champs!

Focus on getting the conference title first, then build on!

Steps to achieve your goal:

*Have hard, successful, focused practices

*After this, you are one step closer to that winning record!

Self Rewards

Not everything is about winning. Once you get your team to respect you, appreciate you, and listen to you, you can have a special kind of reward that comes with its own success and reward to you!

Learn how to make it easier that extrinsic reward of a trophy in your hands!

With the respect from your team, and knowing that you taught them the main focus, you receive self appreciation, satisfaction and a special sense of accomplishment as your intrinsic reward!

Success all around!

Learn how to bring out positive emotions from your team!

~having these will make everything so much easier and much more enjoyable

*Focus on bringing out smiling-Not everything has to be serious!

*Make teamwork one of your primary focus- a family can be formed!

*Preach sportsmanship-Respect of others makes one feel better!

*Demand support-Having each others backs is a wonderful feeling!

*Encouragement-Don't let those heads hang!

Focus on these things and having a positive energy to result in positive emotions from your team, and you will see SUCCESS!