Witch Trials vs The Great Fear

How do they compare?

Salem Witch Trials

The Salem witch Trials began in spring of 1692. It all started when a group of teenage girls said they were being possessed by the devil. They accused several women of witchcraft during this time. It took place in Salem Village, Massachusetts. There was a special court case for the reason of the Witch Trials and the first convicted was Bridget Bishop; she was hanged in June. 18 others after Bishop were hanged and 150 men, women, and children were accused. Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams were two of the teens that claimed being possessed. Both began acting weird, outbursts of screaming and violence. A local doctor diagnosed bewitchment. Then all the other girls began having the same symptoms. Soon, girls started confessing they were witches and blaming others so they could get out of it.

The Great Fear

The Great Fear began in 1789 in the French Revolution. It was a period of panic and riot where people burned their nobles' chateaux, monasteries, and buildings which public records. They targeted documents which contained records of there feudal obligations. Rumors had it that people hired other people to murder people. The rumor was not true, but it feared many people.
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Salem Witch Trials vs. The Great Fear

The Salem Witch Trials and The Great Fear were alike and different in many ways. They were alike because they both had a lot of fear involved. They both feared being killed. Even though they would be killed in different ways for different reasons, they still had a fear of it. In the Salem witch Trials, they would have been killed by being hanged for being a witch. In The Great Fear, they would have been killed just because. Just because there was a lot of riots and violence during this time.

The Salem Witch Trials and The Great Fear differ because they are for complete different reasons, one began because of a couple teenage girls decided they were being possessed, and one began because rumors were being spread so people decided to riot.