Children in Poverty

By Gabriel Castillo

What of the Needy?

During the 1800s, many children lived difficult lives without the care of family. Most of these kids spent their days alone, cold, and hungry. Several religious groups ran orphanages and provided some help to the needy, but the number of children in poverty kept growing. Charles Loring Brace was one of few to aid these kids in need. He founded the Children's Aid Society in New York city and his main goal was to help the city's poor children. One of his main programs was to "place out" children with families in the West, who would agree to raise and teach them.

To this day, poverty and homelessness is still a widespread obstacle for America. One example of an organization that is addressing this problem today is the Save the Children organization. This group not only helps kids in the U.S., it also aids kids with their fight against poverty around the globe.