Come Join Us in The New Colonies.


The 3 colonies are different in many ways but also similar in many ways. All three of the colonies New England, Middle, and Southern all use rivers and the pacific ocean as transportation. The three colonies also traded.

The New England Colony

The New England Colony's land has many forests' and is right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It has cold cool climates and harsh winters. The natural resources are fish, whales, and timber. They have many jobs that you can do if you come to this colony. You can be a farmer although it in not their main business, you can also become trader or a merchant, if you would like you could become a timber cutter, or a fisher and hunter, you can also be a church leader. The colonist in New England make built ships, homes, farms, and meeting houses. They make the boats to trade and the farms, houses, and meeting houses they used for them. The colonists' traded with England and other colonies. Government actions were decided at town meeting only, only church-going men with land could vote at these meeting's. The Pilgrims is a town in the New England colony. They started in Cape Cod and went west to Plymouth. We came to earn money but to also practice our religions. We suffer hunger, cold, and diseases in the winter. We made agreements and trades with the Wampanoag leader.

The Middle Colony

The middle colony has rich soil to farm on. They have warm climate but not as warm as the Southern.Their natural resources were iron, wheat, cattle, and fish. They have many jobs that you can have if you come to the middle colony such as a farmer, a trader, dock worker, a sailor, and a mail man. They traded wheat and fur and made ships and houses. They believed that anybody could live in New York and New Jersey. A settlement in Middle colony is New Netherlands. The colonists' on New Netherlands are living in New Amsterdam. They went because they wanted to find a shortcut to make profit from the valuable trade with Asia. Shareholders and settlers all hoped the colony would make them rich. Some of us are starting farms but others are working as a craftsman making furniture and tools. Both native Americans and Dutch use violence to solve conflicts. In time the English took over New Netherlands.
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The Southern Colony

The Southern Colony has flat land along the coast and rich soil to make plantations. The southern has the warmest weather of the colonies. Their natural resources are tobacco and rice. They are only a couple of Jobs you can have, you can become a farmer or a trader. Their goods and items they traded were they sold tobacco and rice to make money. Their culture is different from the other three. The Southern bought slaves to work on their plantations. King James ruled the colony. Virginia changed to Maryland. They also welcome Catholics. A town in the Southern is Jamestown it is located in Virginia and the settlers in Jamestown went because James the first became interested in the colony. Some bad things happened such as the water was unsafe to drink and use. Also diseases- mosquito's, powhatans attacked we also are pushing to make friends with the powhatans. We had a cold winter but survived with the supplies that came from the boat after us.