A Christmas Carol Background

Vivian Mjoen

Who is Charles Dickens?

Charles Dickens lived from 1812-1870. He was poor as a child, but grew up to be the most popular author of his times, and is still admired to this day.

What was the Victorian Era Like?

The Victorian Era was Born when King William IV Died, allowing his 18-year-old niece to become Queen of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Ireland. The Victorian Era Lasted from 1837-1901; During this time industry and science began to advance.
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What was the Industrial Revolution?

Industrialization began in the 18th century. During this time the use of metals, energy, inventions, and factories evolved and A better idea of science was being discovered. Because of the raid growth in industry, Children were being hired to work. they could tend to a Machine as well as any older people and they could be hired for less pay. Laws were passed to try and stop this in 1802, but were ineffective. In the 1830's Child labor was restricted.

How bad was Child Labor and Poverty?

Children as young as 5 were expected to help towards the family budget. They often worked long hours in dangerous jobs and in difficult situations for a very little wage. Low wages and the scramble for jobs meant that people needed to live near to where work was available. Time taken walking to and from work would extend an already long day beyond endurance. Consequently available housing became scarce and therefore expensive, resulting in extremely overcrowded conditions.

What is Significant about the Victorian Era?

The Victorian Era was the beginning of many Scientific Discoveries and the End of child labor and Poverty. During this Time Bad times and Good times were found, and Although Many people suffered through the Roughness many People were discovered that helped shape the Earth as it is today.