Phantom Pregnancy Mass Hysteria

By: Tréll Fain

What Was The Phantom Pregnancy Panic ?

In the early 1970s , a 17 year old girl name Louise endured the lost of her bestfriend and her bestfriend's baby during labor. Due to the lost she started experiencing pregnancy like symptoms. Such as; fatigue,nausea, and changes in eating. Gradually over time Louise began telling the other young girls that she was expecting a baby. Although she was known for attention seeking, the other young girls started having similar symptoms. Then they to believed they were pregnant. Doctors say their symptoms came from fear of unprotected sex and reassured them that they were not baring a child. Yet, the more Louise shared her knees the more girls jumped on the bandwagon.

Relation To The Crucible

  • It started with one single person.
  • Spread throughout the area.
  • Neither claims were true.
  • Domino Effect "after the fall of something everything else begins to fall".
  • Could've been stopped with the truth of one person.
  • Happen amongst young ladies. (Are known to follow each other more then males).

Impact & History

In the Crucible almost everyone's life was impacted. People died, were put in jail, and moved from family all because they were falsely accused. During the Phantom Pregnancy Panic not many people lives were drastically impacted, but some of the young ladies were committed to a mental asylum.

As for history, the Phantom Pregnanxt Panic was simply a scare amongst young girls. Nothing was changed due to this. But the Crucible on the other hand represented a very historical event known as the "Salem Witch Trials". It is talked about in School as part of U.S. History.

Who•When•Where ?

The Crucible:

  • A group of girls. Including Abigail Williams and Mary Warren.
  • 1953
  • Massachusetts

Phantom Pregnancy Panic:

  • A group of girls lead by Louise
  • 1970s
  • London


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