Stretch Marks

Still confused How to get rid of Stretch Marks!!

Being a professor by profession, I love to read books a lot. I always go to the library and spend time reading books. But I have not been able to go there as I was on leave for some months due to my pregnancy. Well, my vacations are about to over and have to continue my classes after some days. Though I am excited, I am shy at the same time. It is because the stretch marks that appeared on my skin at the time of pregnancy are still there. So, I am very disheartened and always wonder how to get rid of stretch marks.

Like I said earlier, I love reading books but as I have been on leave for a certain time, I was not able to do so. I was actually thinking to search for remedies in the books. But as I couldn’t do that I searched for remedies over the internet. Well, I went through a journal where I found that 98% of post-pubescent women have cellulite. There were many remedies available over the internet. The remedies were claimed to be clinically proven. But I am not sure whether they are really effective or not. Today, my sister came to visit me. I asked her about some useful stretch mark treatments. She told me that there are various stretch mark removal creams that work well when applied over the affected areas.

She suggested me the names of some creams that are 98 percent effective. Those were Revitol, Trilastin SR and many more. She even told me about some home remedies. Well, I took her suggestion into mind and thought of looking for the stretch mark cream over the internet. Let’s hope for the best. I hope I get the most effective solution.