Weekly Update - November 12, 2021

Strive Center for Autism

Strive VIP Day!

November 23, 2021

Our plan for the event is for the VIPs to come into the center and get a tour from the child assisted by their technician. VIPs will make a craft with the child and technician and enjoy a fall snack together.

Our hope with this even is to give additional caregivers and family members a sneak peek into what their loved one spends so much time doing at the Strive Center for Autism.

If you still need to sign up for this event please see links per center location below.





Monthly Parent Appreciation Party

Friday, Dec. 10th, 8:30-9am

Brighton and Burton

Strive Center for Autism is beginning monthly Parent Appreciation Parties! These events will be around pick up and drop off times for ease of parents schedules. The purpose of these events is to get parents together to get to know one another and feel a sense of community. Strive will provide a space for parents to connect outside of the center! Strive staff will not be present at the event, as we hope it will be a time for families to casually network. Parents and caregivers are welcome!

Our first Parent Appreciation Party will be December 10th from 8:35-9:00am.

At the Burton location, the event will be held in the Autism Support and Resource Center building behind our playground at the back of the lot. Feel free to walk over after you drop your child off for therapy. Coffee and bagels will be provided. Please stay as long as you would like!

At the Brighton location, the event will be held in the Coffee Beanery right near the center . Feel free to head over after you drop your child off for therapy. You will be given a voucher for your first coffee drink on us! We will have a table marked for Strive Families. Please stay as long as you would like!

Please reach out to your BCBA with any questions.

It's Getting Chilly

As you know, it is starting to get chilly again! We are planning on continuing to take the children outside to play as much possible throughout the winter. We will take them outside as long as the wind chill is above 20 degrees. This means kids need their gloves or mittens, hats, warm coats, and eventually boots and snow pants. Going outside creates opportunities for your child to practice putting on and taking off their own gear.

We will send winter gear home daily, so that you have it if you need it in the evenings or on the weekends.

An easy way to send it is to keep it in a reusable shopping bag with your child's name on it. THen we can pack it all up at the end of each day.

Food Desensitization Program

The food desensitization program is going great!

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly and if you would like to encourage your child to try new foods at home, this is the 12 step hierarchy we follow for each food.

12 Step Hierarchy

1. Tolerate food in therapy room

2. Tolerate food on therapy table

3. Tolerate food within 1 ft.

4. Touch food and throw away

5. Smell food and throw away

6. Kiss food and throw away

7. Lick food and throw away

8. Lick food five times and throw away

9. Break food with teeth and throw away

10. Chew food five times and throw away

11. Eat a small piece

12. Eat an entire piece

Keep in mind that if you follow these steps, you need to provide lots of reinforcement at every step, in the form of praise and perhaps a bite of preferred food too. With the earlier steps of tolerating the food, it should be a very relaxed presentation - "Oh, look, you have a carrot on the table - great job!" and that's the end of the expectation. We allow the child to throw the food away when snack is done during the steps 1-10. Keep it fun and happy, and don't stress if it takes some time to progress through the steps. It is not a quick process. Encouraging a positive attitude toward new food is the most important part!

Pictures from Halloween

Brighton Staff - Community Helpers

Burton Staff - Minions

Big picture
Big picture

Holiday Absences

Please let us know if you have any planned upcoming absences due to the holidays, so that we may plan our staff schedule accordingly.

You can either email Katie, our Office Manager at Kolari@sc-centers.com or call the center and follow the prompts for the center's attendance line at 810-344-8082.

Closed for Thanksgiving

Wednesday, Nov. 24th, 8:30am to Monday, Nov. 29th, 8:30am

Burton and Brighton

We will be closed for Thanksgiving from Wednesday, November 24, 2021 thru Friday, November 26, 2021. Therapy will resume on Monday, November 29, 2021.