Madonna School News

November 24th, 2019

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Today is the Feast Day of Christ the KIng!

The Church really IS the Mystical Body of the Risen Christ. That Body is inseparably joined to the Head. Jesus Christ is alive, he has been raised, and he continues His redemptive mission now through the Church, of which we are members. As we choose to actually live our lives liturgically, not just go through the motions, we can move through life in the flow of the liturgical calendar. We can experience the deeper mystery and meaning of life, now made New in Jesus Christ, the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. (John 14:6,7) Jesus Christ is King! Jesus Christ is meant to become the Lord of our whole lives, and inform the very pattern of how we live them. Written by: Deacon Keith Fournier

This feast day marks the end of the liturgical calendar. Next week we embark upon the beautiful season of Advent.

SWEET & SALTY Fundraiser (Soup FUDGE and Jerky) Orders are Due tomorrow November 25th. Please send it the orders with cash or cheque. Make cheques payable to MADONNA CATHOLIC EDUCATION SOCIETY. Thank you.

Up Coming Events


26 - Swimming Lessons - Gr.1 Gr.1/2 and Gr. 3

28 - Swimming Lessons - Gr. 2 & Gr. 4

29 - FRIDAY --> NO SCHOOL for students


3 - Swimming Lessons - Gr.1, Gr.1/2 and Gr.3


5 - Swimming Lessons - Gr. 2 & Gr. 4

6 - FLEX

6 - Bend the Rules DAY - Monies Raised go to Valeda House

9 - FACE - to - FACE Ministries FAITH DAY for all students

10 - Edmonton Waste Management Gr. 4

13 - Christmas Concert @ OLPH Parish 6pm

16 - Gr. 4 Sherwood Park Bowling

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Thank you to Jennifer Brownlee our School Council Chair and HER TEAM, for organizing a wonderful family event. The Toy and Turkey Games Night. Also, thank you to the many companies, families and staff that donated items for our many baskets and prizes. The efforts of the entire community make this a success! The profit for this night is $1600. WOW!