Tommy Morrison Ryan Molan

ISIS attacks plan

Paris was attacked and my sources say that we knew in advance that they were planning attacks and we did nothing about it. If we want a better world we knead to get rid of ISIS and all other terrorist groups that are forming on the other side of the world. I have a plan of attack if you want to listen we need to send troops into the base and force them to come out and if they dont drop a bomb right on top of her head but first we knead to get them all into one place which is a whhol nother plan.


ISIS attacks on paris

We had information on the attacks on paris and we did nothing about them and we caused a lot of deaths and injuries and we could have stopped it. Cruickshank writes The intelligence indicated the target cities include Paris, London, Berlin and a major population center in Belgium, according to the source. It also indicated Abu Mohammed al-Adnani, the head of ISIS' external operations efforts, was the key figure behind the ambitious plan, the source said. There was no indication the plan was to attack the cities simultaneously.

Since the paris attacks there have been more cyting of terrorists plots


Terrorism is a problem in our world because people getting killed from the terrorists. Around 60 ISIS troops have been deployed to attack 5 European cities. They have already reached European soil and plan to attack.

We can raise awareness by posting things about terrorism on social media. A way we can solve this problem is teach every kid that terrorism is bad and kill all the terrorists.

Three reasons to why terrorists do what they do are if people don’t want to live the way they do then they feel like they have to kill them, Gabriel says, "This Surah is known as the 'verse of the sword," and it explains that Muslims must fight anyone who chooses not to convert to Islam, whether they are inside or outside of Arabia. It is considered to be the final development of jihad in Islam"(Why Islam…), and everywhere else in the world hates the way they live and hates their beliefs so the terrorists want to kill all of them.

And this is why terrorism is bed for us and for them