Riliëë Rose Hall

Born on August 30th 2015

Thoughts of you..

Dear Riliëë,

It all started in High School,my sophomore year. I met your Father(Jerry) we started dating ended up going to college together and at graduation he proposed to me with the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. We got a little studio apartment in Houston while Your dad and I went to med school. I found about you one morning i wasn't feeling so well so your dad got a test to tell me if i was Pregnant or not and sure enough I was. I like to say you were very nice to mommy while you were inside of me. Some nights you would keep me awake with shifting and moving. I was tired all the time as well. I went into labor the night i found out i got the job at the doctors office that I applied at. I was labor with you for about 17 hours until you decided you were ready to meet us,mommy and daddy. You were born at 3:15pm August 30th. When I seen your beautiful face all i could do was cry, you were my heaven on Earth and it was the most amazing thing I've ever felt and I'm thankful to have you everyday. Maybe one day when your about 2 or 3 years old me and daddy will make you an older sister.

Until next time...Love mommy

11/9/2015 (you should about 3 months)

Your First Night Home

Your first night home was September 3rd. We had to stay in the hospital after you were born to make sure everything was okay with you and mommy.When we got home baby-girl you were very sleepy.You slept for about 3 hours, when you woke I fed you, and showed you around your new house. During that night you kept daddy and I awake for hours. I think you woke up about 8 times.Some because you were hungry and others because you just wanted to see me.

Where Should You Sleep?

Riliëë you had only been home for about week when me and your dad got into a disagreement about where you should you sleep. Daddy wanted you to sleep with us because he felt it was safer and that we wouldn't have to get up that much to go and check to see if your okay. I said it was't a good idea. I thought i might accidentally roll over you or you could get sick from germs. Mommy was also afraid that you would stop breathing if the covers went over your head. Daddy said we would be safe so some nights we let you sleep with us. I was always nervous but, you did't wake up as much as you did when you were alone.

Uh-Oh, Baby Your Sick

One night while you were sleeping your breathing sounded it a little unusual. When the morning came you were making this weird barking noise. I made you a doctors appointment right away. When we made it to the doctor you had a fever.Dr.Bill said you had Croup. He gave us some atibiotics for you and said you should fine in less than a week. I was happy to hear that it was not major.Just the thought of you being sick or in pain that is out of my control hurts. I am just happy that your perfectly fine.

New Baby? New parents.

No parent is perfect. One of the common mistakes made by a new parent is"over panicking." Getting overblown by every little this your baby does. Of course you want your baby to b safe and healthy but sheltering away the world i would say isn't a good idea. Did you know your baby picks up on all your anxiety,which can cause it to be more fussy than normal.

I Love you Riliëë

Feelings For You...

Having Riliëë for the past week has been tough. Remembering to take her everywhere and making sure she's safe is tiring. Especially at school, walking around she got really heavy. She was also fun, we got to hang out, and I dressed up her in different outfits. At first most people thought that she was a real baby, they were very creep out about it. My mom on the other hand loved it,when i wanted to do something she would say "what about your baby? My boyfriend didn't really want anything to do with Riliëë. He said that was too much for him. Shaking my head. I enjoyed every part of the protect in conclusion, i just wish Riliëë would have came out a little more presentable; You know what i mean..
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