Tech-KNOW-ology Notes

December 2013

The Hour of Code - December 9 - 13

The Hour of Code is an event to introduce code to students. What is code? Code is the term used for computer programming that runs all websites and computer games. Outlook and Synergy run on code. I'm not a programmer, but I'd like to intro our students to the world of code. You never know, the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates might be sitting in your classroom this very minute.

During your Computer Lab time for the week of December 9-13, instead of showing BrainPop videos or FasttMath, have your students participate in The Hour of Code. The program is actually a game that students play. It is fun and easy to use. Any student (and teacher) in grade grades 1-5 can participate.

How it works in the Computer Lab -

  1. Students log on to computers
  2. Grades 3-5 - Log on to Edmodo and look for my The Hour of Code post. All the links and directions are in my post. You will need to play the introductory video on the Promethean board since it is a YouTube video.
  3. Grades 1 & 2 - I've put a link to the site on the Student Portal. I recommend that you start by demonstrating what to do on the Promethean board. When you open the link a short introduction video will play that provides you with the directions. Once they've seen the video they are ready to try it on their own.
  4. Dropbox User - If you register as a teacher, you can get a free 10GB upgrade for your Dropbox account. Here's the link to register.

If you do participate, please let me know. I'm interested in knowing how many classes participate and how the kids liked it. If I find that our students like "code", I might want to offer an after-school program on coding for 3-5 graders.

Code - The New Literacy

WANTED - Kids Using iPads

We have lots of iPads (70) for students to use. All you have to do is sign them out. There are many days that the iPads sit in the workroom with no one to use them. There are many ways to use the iPads in your classroom. You can use them in small groups or whole group activities. If you need help deciding what to do, please contact me. I'll be glad to discuss some of the specific apps that we have and what they do. I am also available to model or help out with the iPads when they are in your classroom.

Click here to see a list of the apps installed on the school iPads. The apps marked through in red are in our iTunes account, but not currently installed on the iPads.

Ways to Use iPads in Your Classroom

  • small group remediation - drill one topic such as multiplication facts or main idea
  • small group - Edmodo
  • small group - QR activity - use QR codes to direct students to video or website
  • Educreations - students record a video that demonstrates their comprehension of a topic and ability to apply the knowledge (keep video for data)
  • Large group - use Infuse Learning for informal assessments - record your data
  • Large group - Google Earth - explore geography of an area that you are studying (Egypt, Greece, etc.)
  • Large group - iMoive Trailer - create a movie trailer that allows students to apply the knowledge that have of a certain topic

Check out the iPads using the Equipment Checkout Calendars on the Teacher Portal.

Are You an EDuTech?

Come to an EDuTechs session to learn what's new and happening in the world of technology. I'll be providing you with shortcuts, lesson ideas and ways to use technology to make your life a little easier.

Upcoming EDuTech Sessions

12/3 - Web 2.0 Tools - Remind101 & Class DoJo will be introduced.

12/17 - PhotoStory 3 - Learn how to make a movie in less than 30 minutes.

Please, Return Equipment to Its Proper Place

Please return the equipment to it's proper place. Several laptops were left in the Library Conference Room after collaboration last month. Since they weren't checked out, I don't know who left them behind.