Heroes and Texan Horns Newsletter

For the week of 2/15

Many, Many Heartfelt Thanks!

Thank you so much for helping make our class parties successes! We truly appreciate all you do for our classes.

Additionally thank you so much for all of the gifts and tokens of love! We definitely felt the love!! :)

On the hunt...

I am on the hunt for desktop podiums and lecterns! I love the idea of having standing desks in our classroom, but the desk legs only raise the desk so high, and true standing desks are a little costly for me. (I do anticipate that there is an attempt at grant writing for this in my future.) I'm hoping that businesses may be getting rid of podiums, and if we all are on the lookout, I might be able to snag a couple for the classroom!!

Our Learning Targets...

Reading - I can make connections between texts with similar ideas.

Writing - I can recognize and use quotation marks correctly in reading and writing with proper punctuation.

Social Studies - I can learn about the missions in Texas.

Math – I can measure and draw angles of given measurement using a protractor. I can determine the measure of an unknown angle formed by two non-overlapping adjacent angles given one or both angle measures

Science - I can observe and identify the slow changes to the surface of the Earth caused by weathering, erosion, and deposition from water, wind, and ice.

Leader in Me - Campus Leadership Jobs

Last week 4th grade students learned about RPE leadership opportunities. Follow the link below to learn more about RPE leadership roles and application process:


Campus Feedback Survey

Leander ISD is committed to building and sustaining strong partnerships between parents and campuses.

Leander ISD está comprometido en construir una relación fuerte de cooperación entre los padres y las escuelas.

As part of our continuous improvement culture, each year, LISD administers a parent survey. Feedback gathered through this survey is used to guide district-wide improvement efforts, allowing LISD to better serve students and their families.

Como parte de nuestro esfuerzo continuado de reforzar esta cultura, cada año LISD realiza una encuesta a los padres de familia. El aporte reunido a través de esta encuesta es usado en todo el distrito para mejorar esfuerzos y le permite a LISD servir mejor a los estudiantes y sus familias.

The survey will be available online starting Friday, Feb. 5, 2016. The deadline for completing the survey is Monday, February 22. The online survey is available in both English and Spanish at:

La encuesta estará disponible en nuestra página en internet comenzando el viernes 5 de febrero de 2016. El plazo para completar la encuesta es el lunes 22 de febrero. La encuesta en línea está disponible en inglés y español en el siguiente enlace:


Thank you for completing this survey. Your feedback is important to this process.

Le agradecemos que complete esta encuesta. Su aporte es muy valioso en este proceso.

Important Dates

12/23 Last Visit to the Blanton Museum of Art

12/24 Leadership applications due

Code Combat added to Math Sites

If you would like to allow your child to access Code Combat, a website that helps student learn to code by playing a game, you can access this from my website https://sites.google.com/a/leanderisd.org/mstorres4thgrade/math-links

The class code is ThickBestQueen.

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