Christianity is were Christians believe in one god who had a son. His son died on the cross for are sins. Important days are Christmas which was when his son was born. The other one is Easter when his son rose from the grave where he died for are sins. Holy ground is jursalm. Monistic


Judaism is close to what christens believe. But judist don't believe Jesus is gods son. There important day is honnakuh. There holy ground is jursalm. Monistic


Hinduism is where they believe in more then one god. If they follow the right path they will go up on the upper class, If they don't they get turned to stone for ever. There important day is
  • Holi - festival of colors and spring (February-March)
  • Mahashivaratri (Shiva Ratri) - night sacred to Shiva (February-March)
  • Rama Navami - birthday of Lord Rama (April)
  • Krishna Jayanti - birthday of Lord Krishna (July-August)
  • Raksābandhana - renewing bonds between brothers and sisters (July-August)
  • Kumbh Mela - pilgrimage every 12 years to four cities in India (July-August; last one 2003)
  • Ganesha-Chaturthi (Ganesha Utsava) - festival of Ganesh (August-September)
  • Dassera - victory of Rama over demon king Ravana (September-October)
  • Navaratri - festival of Shakti (in Bengal) or Rama's victory over Ravana (South India) (September-October)
  • Diwali - festival of lights and Laksmi (September-October)


The Buddha lived and taught in the eastern part of the Indiana. Buddhist believe in more then one god they are polyistic.