hAppy Thursday

Smore, and Grading Apps

Create Beautiful Newsletters With Smore!

Smore is a great website to create beautiful online flyers. The layout is very user friendly. Feel free to look at my blog, many of the posts are created through Smore. You can add many different types of media into your newsletter. After the letter is created, a link and an embed code is given. You can then share the newsletter through email, embedding on a website, or even share your Smore through Facebook and Twitter! The website also keeps track on how your audience is interacting with your newsletter. (how many views, how long they spent looking at your Smore, and much more)

Ideas on how Smore can be used:

  • Weekly newsletters
  • holiday announcements
  • embed in website
  • invitations
  • flyers advertising events
  • much, much, more!

Do you still use this?

How about using an App instead?