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Kudos to 4th grade for meeting our student attendance goal of 98% for another week in a row!

To address absences, if you have students to miss 2 consecutive school days, the attendance period teacher should contact the parent and document the contact in the parent communication log in Skyward. The purpose of the call is to check on the student and remind the parent to bring a doctor statement if applicable.

Additionally, as a teacher, reflect upon how you address students with excessive absences. Have a plan and consistently follow the plan. Let me know if you have questions.

Building Academic Vocabulary

Beginning the first week of October, intervention time will be used for building academic vocabulary. Details are forthcoming.


Commit to implementing our organizational system with fidelity. If you have questions about the expectations for the binder see your team leaders. I am still working on expectations for the planner. I did a random check this week of several 4th grade student binders and they looked great! I will check another grade level next week.

Plan to Reduce Failure

Please keep in contact with parents of any student in danger of failing for the marking period. Document your calls/contacts with parents and all actions taken to reduce failure.

T-TESS Goal Setting - Classroom Teachers

Based upon the feedback received from your goal setting conference, submit your updated form in Eduphoria no later than 9/23.

Calibration Walkthroughs

We will be conducting calibration walkthroughs in the next 1 to 2 weeks. A group of 2 to 4 people could come to your classroom at any time to observe.


Please be mindful that the teacher work room is a shared space. Once you finish your work, take all your items with you and discard your own trash.

Thanks for doing your part to keep the workroom clean.

Tip for Success

As we begin to collect data on our students, there will be more of a need to provide intervention which will most often occur in small groups. Before you ever meet with a small group in your classroom, make sure the rest of the class understands the expectations, routines and activities they’re doing while you’re working with the group. Establish routines now. It is critical.

Important Dates

9/20 TRA Poster entries due to Mrs. Prikryl. Every student in grades 1-5 are expected to complete the assignment. Top entries need to be submitted to Mrs. Prikyrl. See your team lead for more details.

9/22 Last day for cookie dough fund raiser

9/23 Update and submit TTESS Goals in Eduphoria

9/27 Tie Tuesday - Boys may wear a solid white, solid black, or solid red dress shirt with any style/color tie and dress code bottoms.

9/29 PTA/Signature Launch Event - 1.5 hours leadership credit can be earned for those who assist (not just attend). See Shead for questions about the event. Encourage your students to attend.

9/30 APD Breakfast


It has been so busy these days but you keep giving 100%. I appreciate all of the hard work and effort!
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