Let's Circle Back to CRT

GCISD Parents Update 4.14.22

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  • Mom speaks at the trustee meeting about the Critical Race Theory video that her daughter will be subjected to next year.
  • You'll see the video, the class syllabus, and slides from the video.


  • Candidates for the board of trustees comment on CRT in the district.
  • You'll see videos of their responses with brief summaries.

PART ONE: CRT in Syllabus & Superintendent's Denial

Mom Gives Proof of CRT in Daughter's Syllabus After Dr. Ryan Denies it's There

  • GCISD mom calls out a Critical Race Theory video in her daughter's English class syllabus.
  • She also points out the Superintendent lied about there being no CRT in GCISD's curriculum.
GCISD Mom Calls out CRT in Daughter's Syllabus

English Language and Composition Syllabus

  • Below is a page from the 11th grade English syllabus at GHS.
  • We don't have access to the other materials in the syllabus and can't know which excerpts were selected from any given text, but we were able to find the entire CRT TedTalk video online.
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In-Class Video on Critical Race Theory

  • This is a shortened version of a 20-minute Critical Race Theory video in GCISD's English curriculum.
  • It features systemic racism, institutionalized racism, white privilege, male privilege, and anti-racism -- all core tenets of CRT.
Camara Jones: "Allegories on Race and Racism" -- CRT class video for GCISD English students

Defining Racism as a System

  • Systemic racism is a core tenet of Critical Race Theory.
  • The speaker in the video uses the definition of racism as a system throughout the video.
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Institutionalized Racism

  • The idea of institutionalized racism is a hallmark of Critical Race Theory.
  • It claims that the foundations of America, and all of its institutions, are racist, because white people built those institutions to favor themselves.
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Internalized Racism

  • Students are taught that people of color have internalized racism so thoroughly that they believe that they are lesser due to their skin color.
  • This is the source of the CRT idea that all black people are oppressed victims.
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Are District Leaders Ignoring CRT in the Syllabus?

  • The Superintendent says there is no CRT in GCISD's curriculum at all.
  • Trustee Jorge Rodriguez's son is in the same academic program as the daughter of the GCISD Parent who spoke at the meeting. Did his son see this video last year?
  • The Deputy Superintendent's daughter is also in that academic program, and she'll have a class with this syllabus next year too. Will the Deputy Superintendent have the syllabus changed for his own daughter's sake?
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PART TWO: Trustee Candidates & CRT

Video Explaining CRT

If you're not sure what CRT is, watch this 3-minute video to get educated.

Louie Sullins, Place 3 Candidate

  • Incumbent candidate Louie Sullins explains that GCISD teachers instruct students in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), and that since Critical Race Theory isn't in the TEKS, it's not in GCISD.
  • He then gives the hypothetical that if it WERE in GCISD, the Principal and Superintendent would deal with it.
  • Mr. Sullins has been on the board of trustees for 6 years.
Louie Sullins: April 6, 2022 (CRT answer)

Tammy Nakamura, Place 3 Candidate

  • Candidate Tammy Nakamura directly acknowledges both the presence of Critical Race Theory in GCISD's curriculum and the threat it poses to GCISD.
  • She vows to work with the current board to remove it.
  • Mrs. Nakamura has served on the Colleyville City Council for the past 6 years.
Tammy Nakamura: April 6, 2022 (CRT answer)

Kathy Florence Spradley, Place 4 Candidate

  • Candidate Kathy Florence Spradley directly states that CRT has been found in our schools and that it has no place there.
  • She suggests that we draw clear lines in the sand to stop the spread of CRT.
  • She makes the distinction that most teachers are not teaching CRT and are just there to encourage our kids.
Kathy Florence Spradley: April 6, 2022 (CRT answer)

David Stine, Place 4 Candidate

  • Candidate David Stine claims that Critical Race Theory materials in GCISD are only part of supplemental materials that teachers may bring into classrooms--not part of the curriculum.
  • He then goes on to say that teachers might bring in supplemental materials because they lack enough classroom resources.
  • This directly contradicts prior evidence showing CRT in the curriculum (see above).
David Stine: April 6, 2022 (CRT answer)

Official District Response to CRT in Curriculum

  • Nothing to report.