My Self perceptions


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ALL about me

How I see myself:

I see myself as a Fun, loving caring sweet funny guy. Who doesn't care if something happens to where he has to help sombody or restart.

How others see me:

I think people think that I goof off to much or i am irresponsible, i am just Flexible, Easy-Going and have a Playful Attitude.

More about me

I was born on November 20th 2002. I have a sister named Harper and a brother named Kade. My mom and dad got divorced then remarried then had children. I am elergic to pennisilun. My uncle Jeremy died before I was born and so my mom named me after him. So my full name is Jeremy Zae McPherson.

My Future Self

In the future I see myself playing baseball in college for the Red Raiders. After that I am going to play Major League Base ball for the Texas Rangers. (I really like baseball,like alot ). After I am retired I am going to get a Dodge Challenger or Dodge Charger. When I get the cars I will go to my house and live a normal life like a normal person.

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