Harriet Tubman

by Brenda Andres and Maria Reyes room 305


Born- March 1822

died- March 10 1913


Harriet tubman's name at birth was Araminta Ross. She was a child of 11 from Harriet and Benjamin Ross.Born in slavery in Dorchester Country. Maryland.


She didn't have an education because she was born a slave and couldn't get an education because the owners didn't let them


Her mom was names Harriet Greene, her father's name was Ben Ross, and she had seven siblings. (four sisters and three brothers. Her spouse's name Nelson Davis. And they were all slaves


During the Civil War, she worked for the Union army as a nurse, a cook, and a spy. Her experience leading slaves along the Underground Railroad was especially helpful because she knew the land well.


She always wished to escape, and help people to not have miserable life. So what she planed was to escape and let other people escape with her too. That's why she was the conductor of the underground railroad. She helped many people in slavery. But not just that she also was included in the union army. Which she also wanted to help them. And she also wanted to help the women's rights. She wanted them to change that situation.


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